Like most structures, a house—your house—is more than just four walls that shield you and your family from erratic weather conditions. It’s not made up of just hollow blocks, cement, wood, and whatever other choice building material there is. A house is a home, a place where we build foundational relationships, create memories, grow and develop into the individuals that we are now and the ones we aspire to be. Yes, truly, there’s more to those four walls and that one roof.

Just for kicks, which of the ones in this collection of 11+ cute house clip arts looks more like your own? Stay around for a bit and see for yourself! Oh, by the way, these house Cartoon Clip Arts are available in GIF, PNG, PDF, Vector SVG, etc. formats.

House Outline Clipart

House Outline Clipart


Brick House Clipart

Brick House Clipart


Open House Clip Art

Open House Clip Art


House Clip Arts 6 Ways

Yes, this collection of house clip arts is quite limited to one subject matter. But a casual skimming will tell you that it still offers a great deal of variety where design—the illustration style, the colors, the incorporated elements—is concerned. (Feel free to check out these Free Clip Arts for Teachers, by the way, for anything academe related.)

  • Black and White Outline

Just taking a look at “House Black and White Clip Art” and “House Outline Clip Art” is all you need. Not more has to be said here.

  • Flat House Icons

With two-dimensional drawings like “Brick House Clip Art,” “School House Clip Art,” and “Beach House Clip Art,” they’re usually drawn from a head-on angle. There’s no playing with perspective to produce the “jumping from the page” effect.

  • Welcome Home

“Open House Clip Art” simply shows a part of a house, but you get the drift.

  • Seasonal Structures

This category’s easy enough to understand, I think. You have “Haunted House Clip Art” for Halloween and “Animated House Clip Art” for Christmas.

  • Cute and Cartoony

“Tree House Clip Art” and “Free House Clip Art” both are of the cartoon style, each with their own unique artistic flavor.

  • 3D House Graphics

As a complete opposite of the flat-icon variety, you have “Wooden House Clip Art” and “Cartoon House Clip Art.”

Tree House Clip Art

Tree House Clipart


Animated House Clip Art

Animated House Clipart


Cartoon House Clip Art

Cartoon House Clipart


Free House Clip Art

Free House Clipart


House Clip Art How-To’s

Given the wide range of designs in this collection of house clip arts, it’s easily understandable that these Free Clip Art Images can be used in a number of different ways.

  • Instant Coloring Page

A successful download of “House Black and White Clip Art” and “House Outline Clip Art,” a good printer, and an array of coloring material are all you need to get to coloring these house images.

  • House Cutouts

Any single one of these house clip arts can fair well as cutouts to add to your pile of scrapbooking décor and/or deck out any visible surface and any one of your belongings. We all need a bit of art in our everyday lives, right?

  • Ready-made Invitation Design

Throwing an open-house party? “Open House Clip Art” will take care of you invites for you. Hosting a Halloween shindig? “Haunted House Clip Art” has you covered.

  • Art Style Inspiration

Working on art for, say, a children’s book? Take a few notes or more from “Tree House Clip Art,” and you’ll have an idea of the whimsy required for the content and what will catch a child’s eye.


So now that I’ve covered all the bases, go ahead and get to downloading these house clip arts!

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