Let me guess. You are a graphic designer or illustrator working on an initial logo or banner design proposal for an upcoming fellowship event or anniversary in your church. Or perhaps you’re a student needing some church images to include in your report, in both the written and the PowerPoint version, about what church means in several different contexts.

Look no further, weary one. We offer you several solutions in this collection of the 9+ best church clip arts! These Free Clip Art Images of churches are available in PNG, GIF, SVG, JPG, PDF, and other formats; so you will absolutely find something in here to suit your needs. Stick around for a bit, and see for yourself.

Black and White Church Clipart
Church Black and White Clipart


Church Family Clipart

Church Family Clipart


Kids Church Clipart

Kids Church Clipart


Church Bell Tower Clip Art

Church Steeple Clipart

Free Church House Clip Art

Free Church House Clipart


Church Clip Arts in Various Forms

As you can clearly see in this collection of church clip arts, we have curated quite a variety of images. The church illustrations go beyond Cartoon Clip Arts and what you might initially perceive a church to be: a building with a cross, a bell tower, and an altar. The designs are so varied that we were able to narrow them down to six different categories!

  • Black and White

As the category and the image labels claim, “Black and White Church Clip Art” and “Church Bell Tower Clip Art” (save for the latter’s background color) come in just the two hues.

  • The Church as a People

What some of you may not know about the word church is that it could mean the community of people with whom you are spiritually growing and living. This definition is depicted in “Church Family Clip Art” and “Church People Clip Art.”

  • With a Vibrant Color Palette

Aside from the already mentioned “Kids Church Clip Art,” the incorporation of bright and bold colors can also be seen in “Kids Church Clip Art” and “Church Nursery Clip Art.”

  • Minimalist

“Free Church House Clip Art” doesn’t need more inclusions of color or detail.

  • 3D Coolness

With “Catholic Church Clip Art,” you get a look at a church from an angle that gives it a not-so-flat appearance.

  • Clever Outline

Though not all the lines meet in “Church Building Clip Art,” you can still obviously tell that it is what it claims to be.

Catholic Church Clip Art

Catholic Church Clipart


Church Building Clipa Art

Church Building Clipart


Church Anniversary Clip Art

Church Anniversary Clipart


Church Nursery Clip Art

Church Nursery Clipart


Church People Clip Art

Church People Clipart


Church Clip Art How-To’s

Because this collection of church clip arts features a considerably varied range of designs (taking the total number into account), I’ve no doubt that you can think of a number ways to use these church images. But to get you started, here are a few suggestions:

  • Logo Design Inspiration

With a project like a logo design, you can pretty much glean some inspiration and a number of ideas in any of the ones in this collection. Perhaps the most apt applications are as follows: “Church Family Clip Art” for a church community event, “Church Anniversary Clip Art” for an anniversary, “Kids Church Clip Art” for a youth ministry, and the list goes on.

  • Art Style Inspiration

Perhaps after looking at “Church Bell Tower Clip Art,” you became inspired to delve into the illustration style that’s pretty much indicative of and evident in comic books.

  • DIY Coloring Page

Print out “Church Building Clip Art,” and free your coloring materials from the clutches of dust bunnies.

  • All-around Adornments

Whether you need simple crafty cutouts for your recreational scrapbooking or church clip arts for school reports and whatnot, you’ll find those here.


Download these church clip arts along with these Free Clip Art Borders, and you’ll be set for plenty!

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