Sometimes, we all get the feeling that the whole bare-bones, clean, straightforward look just doesn’t cut the cake like it used to. Whatever it is—be it a school project, a written report, a PowerPoint presentation, what have you—the whole wash of nothing but words and punctuation marks against a stark-white backdrop makes for dullness and drabness galore. But with this collection of 9+ beautiful dog clip arts, you just might be able to correct the situation!

These Free Clip Arts of dogs are available in JPG, PNG, EPS, SVG, etc. formats—a perfect selection for your perusal. So quit dawdling and peruse away!

Black & White Dog Clip Art

Black & White Dog Clipart


Cute Dog Clip Art

Cute Dog Clipart


Dog Bone Clip Art

Dog Bone Clipartbone


Dog Walking Clip Art

Dog Walking Clipart


Dog Clip Arts in Various Forms

It is apparent in this collection of dog clip arts that this is a pretty varied list of curated images. These dog images come in so many sizes, art styles, colors, breeds even, that we were able to narrow them down to five different categories! (Oh, by the way, here are some Frog Clip Arts for your green tinge and amphibian love.)

  • Outstanding Outline

You need only check out “Black & White Dog Clip Art” to get this one. Pretty simple and straightforward, yes?

  • Cute Cartoons

For this category, just think about taking outlines, the previous category, up a notch on the creative post. A splash of color, muted or vibrant, here and there; and you get cartoons. You can see all that in the following: “Cute Dog Clip Art,” “Dog Walking Clip Art,” “Dog Cartoon Clip Art” (baby Pluto!), “Free Dog Clip Art,” and “Dog Grooming Clip Art.”

  • Dog Gone

Just take a look at either one of the dog clip arts here that are actually missing the subject matter in question—namely, “Dog Bone Clip Art” and “Dog House Clip Art.” Then you’ll understand the play on the “polite” curse word.

  • Seasonal

As you can see in the title and the image itself, “Dog Valentine Clip Art” is the perfect dog clip art for the season of hearts and mush.

  • PUPPERsonification

Pupper acting and dressing like a human, as in “Dog Swimming Clip Art,” is definitely a sight to see!

Dog House Clip Art

Dog House Clipart


Free Dog Clip Art

Free Dog Clipart


Dog Grooming Clip Art

Dog Grooming Clipart


Dog Valentine Clip Art

Dog Valentine Clipart


Dog Swimming Clip Art

Dog Swimming Clipart


Dog Clip Art How-To’s

Because of the variety of designs featured in this collection of dog clip arts, it would be no wonder (to me, at least) if you have already come up with various uses for each dog image. But if you haven’t yet, yes, you read that correctly; you can use these dog clip arts for a bunch of different things. And here are a few suggestions on exactly how you can do that:

  • Instant Coloring Page

With something like “Black & White Dog Clipart,” you can absolutely get those coloring kicks in. Pro tip: print out a dozen other outlines (say, one or a few from the Turkey Clip Arts collection, if there are any), and compile them for your very own DIY coloring book.

  • All-around Adornments

On a bulletin board, in your class show-and-tell exhibit, on your bedroom wall, whatever other flat surface there is, you can use these dog clip arts as insta-decorations!

  • Featured Image

If you happen to be posting about the benefits of having dogs as pets, use “Dog Walking Clip Art” as your featured image, and you’ll have a solid article!

  • Logo Inspiration

Starting up a mobile dog grooming service? “Dog Grooming Clip Art” makes for a great logo idea.

  • DIY Greeting Card

Tell your partner how much you “woof” him or her with “Dog Valentine Clip Art.”


Now that, that’s done, go ahead and download!

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