Have you ever been so impressed by the art style of, say, a cartoon series that you absolutely love to watch? Were you so taken by it that you became inspired to draw your favorite characters or, better yet, create your own animated world? (Yeah, at age ten, I was pretty drawn into Ginger Foutley’s daily drama.)

That’s the thing about other people’s works of art—you become inspired to create your own. That’s the exact same thing with our collection of amazing drawings for inspiration! Here, you get a couple of 3D Pencil Drawings and more. You get several designs and subject matters, and they’re all available for download in a JPG format!

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Amazing Pencil Car Drawing


Amazing 3D Drawing


Amazing Eye Drawing


Amazing Chalk Drawing

Amazing Drawing of Nature


What You See Is What You Get

Because of the incredible talent of the artists behind these amazing drawings for inspiration, they don’t have to hide behind abstracts and deconstructions and random swirls that, apparently, represented some deep existential notion. What you see here is what you get. Most of these are Realistic Drawings, realistic representations of everyday objects and people while the rest are (still) straightforward cartoon illustrations.

  • Landscapes, stills, and portraits

Although the dark vertical lines in the background in “Amazing Drawing of Nature” are kind of a cop-out for pines (or some other kind of tree) in the distance, it’s still pretty clear in the image what the artist’s intent was: a beautiful lakeside scene. Also, the attention to detail in “Amazing Eye Drawing” and “Amazing Art Drawing” is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

  • Patterns

As you can see in “Amazing Chalk Drawing,” patterns have truly been holding their own in the world of art and design. Mandalas and ornamental lace patterns like this have not only proven their beauty and their worth; but they have also proven to help people reflect, meditate, and de-stress.

  • Cartoons and caricatures

With “Funny Amazing Drawing,” you see that you can also have fun and experiment with your drawings.

Amazing Art Drawing


Amazing Charcoal Drawing


Funny Amazing Drawing


Pokemon Amazing Drawing


Pencil Tips

As you try your hand at creating your first batch of Cute Drawings today, we recommend you check out each link of each image in our collection of amazing drawings for inspiration, download them, print them out (optional), and study them. This will save you not only time but also from the frustration of not getting things right when you simply wing it. Here are a couple of tips for you to start with:

  • Find the light

For stills like “Amazing 3D Drawing,” we recommend you actually take your chosen subject matter (it can be an apple or a vase or whatever you want) and position it under a source of light. Observe where the light hits the object and at which angle the shadow is being cast. Then choose from which angle you want to look and draw.

  • Don’t start with a heavy hand

This is the same principle when you apply makeup: start out with as little amount of product and with as a light a hand as possible to get the base in place; then go back and build up the color. This way, you get to avoid messes and the hassle of clean-ups.

  • Play up the perspectives

Like I said regarding “Funny Amazing Drawing,” experiment with perspectives. Draw from an angle, and decide whether you want your subject to “jump off the page” or “dig deep into it.”


So there you have it, folks! Download now and soon your work might be featured somewhere.

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