The world of art is vast and the more you dive into it the more astonishment it provides. Face Painting is one type of art form that will surely make your jaw drop. If you are interested about face painting, check out our images below and use these examples as a guide to your future painting endeavour. You may also Awesome Paintings of Women

Best Face Painting Art Ideas


Face painting is a highly appreciable art where you can showcase your artistic ideas on right terms. Not only display of colors or fantastic styles, it is the idea which finally gets appreciated. Have a look at these templates to get best face painting art ideas.

Face Painting Design


Anyone who does face painting follows an idea or a theme. Designs are very important then. It showcases your crafty side. The mind blowing creative face painting designs are all set to give you a big boost as an artist.

Amazing Face Painting Artwork


by Alexander khokhlov

Artistry takes new dimension with creative face painting. The bold display of colors and jaw dropping presentations, integrate together to make a perfect face painting. Have a look at the templates to go through the awesome artworks.

Beautiful Face Paining Art


by Alexander khokhlov

Beautification is the last touch before presenting your artwork for exhibition. It needs to be done just apt and perfect. To have readymade beautiful face painting templates, just download them. The artwork involved gives a majestic look to your final performance delivery.

Funny Face Painting


by Alexander khokhlov

Children love funny appearances and when it comes to face painting it gets even funnier. To get such funny paint ideas have a look at the templates. Fluorescent colors and funny designs integrate together to give a funny physical appearance.

Best Face Painting


An artist always puts in his best efforts to deliver the greatest artwork. Results often do not reflect his hardships. To get the best results and make a name for yourself, download the best face painting templates over the net.

Owl Face Painting Art

owl face painting

Characterized by bright colours and patterns, these face painting images will make you believe in the power of art and the beauty it provides. You can download these designs for free and can further edit them in Photoshop or CorelDraw if you want to, for example, create a collage.

Face Painting Art


Face painting is a creative artistry skill that many artists aspire to possess. Art takes a new dimension and emanates the beauty of power through face paintings. Have a look at the wonderful templates to get an idea about face painting art.

Butterfly Face Painting


A butterfly is not merely an insect. You get an awesome feel when you look at the wonderful display of colors in its wings. What if such a nice insect is portrayed in a face? Check out for yourself, the fantastic picturesque it turns out to be by downloading the templates.

Rabbit Face Painting Art

rabbit painitng art on face

We all love animals and when cute animals like a rabbit is portrayed in a face painting, it is simply mind blowing. Physically it gives a funny appearance, liked both by children and adults. Download the templates and start working today.

Halloween Face Painting Art


In Halloween, children dress up in frightening costumes and wear ghostly masks. The templates available over the net too have frightening designs and themes and can be effectively portrayed as a face painting. As a Halloween appearance, it is more intense than a ghostly mask.


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