The KanKin Font

Photo courtesy of Alex Frukta.


KanKin Font was designed by Alex Frukta, a Russian Designer. KanKin Font was created through a creative inspiration taken from movies with themes of law and crime such as “Gangster Squad”, “Once Upon a Time in America”, “Lawless,” and so on. Those decades represents a time of dry law and organized crime in various groups from which KanKin Font was conceived.


Formation of the KanKin Font

Motion Graphics courtesy of Alex Frukta.


Type and Glyphs

Photo courtesy of Alex Frukta.

The KanKin Font features a solid, medium thick font weight which suggests boldness and stability. This sans-serif font offers readability and legibility to readers be it for standard size printed mediums to large or outdoor advertising and design collaterals.

The font design depicts a retro and vintage design style. Showing a contemporary exterior with its sharp tips and rough rounded sides that make this font perfect for any retro and modern designs. The KanKin font also comes along with a Russian font variation.


Logo Variations

Photo courtesy of Alex Frukta.


Where Can I Use this Font?

We’re excited to share with you a couple of design projects that you can utilize this font with.

May we suggest a thing or two?

Movie or video title. If you are to create a movie that pertains to the formation of this font, then KanKin font is best paired with videos and movies as such. As well as giving a 1930’s and 1940’s retro exterior and theme.

Graphic design. The KanKin’s versatility will be greatly showcased through graphic design projects. You may apply the KinKan font onto posters as your headline font or body copy. The KanKin font can also be used for cover book and magazine cover design be it as the logotype and primary or secondary type. This goes for web design; the font and glyphs offer a thick weighted form perfect for a user experience in terms of ease of reading. Interactive design is one of the design projects you may dip your toes in. Use it as text, typographical styling and titles.

If you are a starting designer, you may also use this font to trace in. If you are to use Adobe Illustrator, use the pen tool to trace in the font. You may also tweak the traced line to recreate your own KanKin inspired type.

Typography. You may use this font as a reference for typography projects such as murals, street art and so on as well as digital typographical projects. You may also apply the KanKin font to decorating conceptual graphic designs or apply it as mixed media exteriors.

Comics. With KanKin’s creative inspiration, this font would appear seamlessly in illustrated categories such as comic books and other drawing-inspired pieces.

Infographics. Infographics require a strong and readable font, which the KanKin font can deliver.

Advertising collaterals. If you are going for a viewer friendly font for your advertising collaterals, then KanKin font offers legibility and readability applicable for the aforementioned mediums. You may apply it on flyers, banners, outdoor advertisements, and on small scale mediums such as brochures, business cards, cards, stationery, letterheads, and so on.

Branding.  You cannot deny that KanKin Font has a dual design style that is fit for retro and modern designs. In terms of branding, KanKin Font can match your brand’s personality, character, and brand story. If you are to consider using this as a primary font, you may tweak it according to your design preferences or leave it as ease.

You may apply the KanKin font as a logotype or a word mark logo, whichever fits your brand. Speaking of word mark logos, you may have a look at our heap of logo design examples and gain insight on the basics of visual and logo design. It is a guide that we are sure to inspire your creative eye and is a starting line to crafting your brand.

While there are many possibilities with design, experiment as much and keep in mind to apply the basics of design. Don’t hesitate to turn your own design style into your work.

Pertaining to design, we’re glad to share on the topic of the fundamentals of typography. You may browse through our guide on typography which comes along with the anatomy of fonts and typefaces as well as the basic fonts and the utilization of the previously mentioned.

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