Art is such a broad-based and comprehensive field. Art is creative and the creative industry is artistic. Suffice to say that each is synonymous with the other. As the field of art is so well-spread out, the number of icons in this category will obviously run miles long. If you search for ‘Art icons’, you will hit by innumerable results. Fret not, we have gathered the best of Art Icons, all kinds of them on one page. Scroll down and take a look!You may also see Mini Icons.

Fabulous Clean Art Icons

This art icons vector contains a set of 9 well-designed and well-polished Art Icons all in color. The icons are dynamic and you can use them in your offline and online projects. Download now!You may also see Trendy Icons.

Art Design Icons set


This vector is home to 25 colorful flat design art icons. The set contains circle icons. All of the icons are editable, customizable and resizable. Feel free to use them in web design projects too.

Dark Shaded Art Icons


This page contains more than 100 dark shaded icons which you can use in all kinds of artsy projects. Even you’re looking for a pencil-point icon, you can find it in this compilation.

Abstract Art Icons

This art icons vector would be very serviceable. You got a collection of 25 best-looking abstract icons to spruce up your art projects. Easy to download and completely customizable.

Flat Art Icon Bundle

This collection contains a pack of 80 plus art design and development icons. In this set, you will find all kinds of icon vectors for your creative tasks – pens, pencils, paintbrushes, tools related to image editing, grids, charts, wands, cursors, as well as an assortment of different symbols, lines, and shapes.

Line Art Icon Set


No matter which vertical of the creative industry you’re associated to, this creative icons vector contains a set of high-resolution line art icons which can be resized to match the needs of your projects.

Pixel Art Icons Pack

If you’re looking to incorporate old-fashioned pixel art icons in your projects, then this particular vector which features video game pixel style icons can be useful for all kinds of web-design and mobile applications.

Hand Drawn Art & Doodle Icons

nothing compares to the charm are value of artistic hand-drawn doodle icons. This vector has 23 artistic hand-drawn elements which you can use to improvise your online and offline projects.

Minimal Art Icons

We are certain that this comprehensive vector of multiple art icons in black and white will bowl you over! Regardless of what your art project may be, this vector will come in handy at some point for sure!

Graphic Art & Designing Icons

Whether you’re a musician, writer, artist, moviemaker, this vector contains icons which symbolize all fields which come within the creative category. The icons are in black and white color combination.

Holiday Art Icons

This vector contains a colorful set of art and designing line filled icons – 50 icons of 6 types in 20 sizes. You could employ these icons in projects of Mobile Apps, Websites, Print, Presentation, Illustration, Templates.

Long Shadow Art Icons


If circle icons are your favorite and you’re looking for flat design art icons with long shadows, this is your vector to reach out to. It is available in high-resolution and can be adjusted to different sizes to meet the requirements of your project.

Marital Art Icons Set

This vector has multiple martial arts icons. If you have a martial arts-related project, this vector contains martial arts icons along with boxing and judo symbols. The icons are in EPS format and can be converted in JPEG format.

Download Art Icons For Free

Here you get the opportunity to access a comprehensive collection of art icons in color and black and white. Based on your need and requirement, download and use the icons in your creative endeavors!

Art Icons For Desktop

This page contains a big collection of icons which you can use for symbolizing the programs and applications on your computer desktop. Be it, PC, tablet, laptop or mobile this set of icons is functional on every device’s desktop.

Black Art Icons set vector

Thin Outlined Art Icons


Black & Red Art Icons

Different kind of Art Icons

Design and Art Icons Set

Building and food Art Icons


Quite simply, the collection above is a complete package of Art Icons. Regardless of what your art project entails, if there is a requirement for Art Icons anywhere, you can trust our compilation to give you what you need – easy and quick. A wise move would be to download and store all the Art Icons vectors featured on this page!

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