Do you happen to own a food business and have just now thought  of putting it placing it online? Do you want to explore the creative ways you can make your page stand out from the rest? Have you thought of using icons to make your information look more interesting? If so,  then you’ve come to the right page. Explore our list of realistic food icons which you can download and apply on your digital layout.

Explore the fun ways you can use them and after which, download the package you like. Your application and use are made more convenient for it is available in PSD, JPG, PNG, and Vector EPS Format. If you’re on a tight budget and would like to give it a try first, you can check out and use our Free Icons listing.

Fast Food Icons


Food and Drinks Icons

Cartoon Food Icons

Sea Food Icon Brush Pack


Flat Food Icons

Iconic Blend

Because we know that you’d like to keep your options open, we have curated a handful of designs just for you.

  • Express – Say, you just want to talk about the new fast food restaurant that just opened, you can make those fun lines and phrases a tad more interesting with the “Fast Food Icons”.
  • Food and Drinks Assortment – Are you setting up a trendy food chain and would like to get creative with your menu? Then why not use the appropriate icons available in our “Food and Drinks Icons”.
  • High-Quality Contrast – Another use for these icons is to teach your kids the types of food that they are likely to encounter for them to recognize it better and faster with the “Cartoon Food Icons”. You can even print them as a sticker and make the kids have fun sticking them as you discuss the food they should and shouldn’t eat.
  • Seafood Icons – Give your seafood menu a seafood icon that will provide a clear image of what the dish is. Use the “Sea Food Icon Brush Pack”.
  • 2D Icons – The “Flat Food Icons” is one of the most common icons you’d probably see on the Internet or in an application.

Another interesting type of icon is the Transparent Icons. Check that list to explore other options.

Fresh Food Icons


Free Food Icon Set


Food Vector Icons

Food Symbol Icons


Functional Piece of Art

An icon is a directional or instructional visual symbol. It may seem small and simple but it actually takes a lot of time to make it seem that way. Here’s a list of the most common functions it serves:

  • Direct Access – This digital image can be used as a display button that directly represents and controls an interactive function.
  • Clarifying – Icons can be used as an alternative to texts. So, instead of laying out a bunch of words that talk about the service, information or functions, (which is sometimes ignored) use these eye-catchy imagery instead.
  • Entertainment Value – Because it is made in a way that’s not space consuming nor distracting, this simple aesthetic can be used to decorate a celebrated event such as a birthday.

Were you entertained with this list of icons we’ve especially curated for your desired use? How about checking out the Minimal Icons listing as well? If you’ve found the right fit for your design then don’t leave without downloading your pick.

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