Music is embedded in our soul and without it, life can get boring. There are a lot of apps and media players that are being designed to cater to the likes of music lovers. The music icon set or media icon set has a lot of essential Music Icons, which have been made corresponding to the essential features- like play, pause, forward, stop, etc. The icons are in PNG, SVG, PSD, EPS formats and are easily scalable in Illustrator or Photoshop. With the change of medium, there are also changes in the icons which are set by the makers. There are also various icons as per the format of the file and hence for the users, it becomes easy to identify the task.

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14 Free Media Icons For You

A designer can use these 14 media icons to create an intuitive media player design. This set of 14 media icons can be utilized in a manner which would look gorgeous on any kind of media player. The media icons are totally free, and anyone can download it. The media player icon set includes audio play, audio speaker, eject, stop, pause, previous, play, next, headphones, sound system, monitor, stereo, video and video conference icons. All these icons together make the media player look more contemporary and interesting. The icons and their pre-selected functions are legible without any accompanying text. The designs are created in a way that they resemble various media equipment like cassettes or stereos.

Amazing Music Icons For Download

These are an elegant set of primary music icons which can be altered according to your taste. The icons come in different sizes, color tones, and distinctive designs. You can choose any of the music icons and use it to make your media player look chic and fashionable. It will help you design an innovative music or media player that would suit anyone’s taste. The music player icons come in different formats such as PNG, ICO, and many other media formats. You can easily edit the files in Illustrator or Photoshop and customize them according to your need. Modern technology has made it easier to design them as per individual preference and make them  more attractive.

40 Music & Media Icon Set Free

The set of 40 music and media icons are effortlessly downloadable and are totally free. The media player icons are elegant and have the basic functions along with some specialized icons or designs for more diversified functions. The set includes the basic play, pause, backward, forward, mute, sound, sound recording, picture, gallery, snapshot, movie, video, connectivity, and many other icons. The icons give the designer the option to choose from different icons for the same function. It adds versatility and dynamism to the intended media player design.  The utility of the icons is also easier as they simply display the sign of the concerned act. The icons can hence add great value to the overall experience of the player.

The Music and media icon sets are totally free, and the high-quality icons will look astoundingly well on any kind of background texture or color. It would also look good on any screen size; it would be absolutely perfect for smartphones, tablet or PCs. You can customize the icons to make them more personalized.  The set of free icons helps the designers to design a music or media player that is innovative and appealing with a modern look.

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