With a rising number of blogs being published every day and it does a huge number of following. With a personalized look, blogs could be easily distinguished by their core and forte of the user. So as for the use of blog icons, it would be a breeze to be able to duplicate your theme as well with the icons as to not mismatch with the whole look and personality — unless that is the design preference or creative brief.

To give you an idea, browse down below to view our list of nine blog icons to get you started on your design and web projects. We also got you covered with our collection of free icons that you can also use for your blogs, social media, website, applications and design projects.

Blog Vector Icons

Blog Vector Icons Download

Flat Blog Icon Designs

Flat Blog Icon Designs Download

Blog Symbol Icons

Blog Symbol Icons Download

Blog Icon Pack

Blog Icon Pack Download

Simple Blog Icon Design

Simple Blog Icon Design Download

Samples of Blog Icons

Most blogs will have an RSS feed assembled in. If you want to customize your RSS icons, you can use the Blog Symbol Icons for the personalization of your blog. It is depicted in a medium thick outline to match the powerful web feed.

For a grunge effect, you can use the Grunge Blog Icons to add texture to your website and print projects. The pack includes forty-three grunge infused social media blog icons. It is laid out in a texturized, yellow ochre background with icons not isolated on a shape.

If you are looking for a minimal icon pack, the Free Blog Icon Designs is deemed aesthetically pleasing. The outlines are trimmed with a subdued mix of pink and red. The color scheme incorporates softer pinks to justify any feminine, bakery and so on blog themes.

If you want an alternative design style for your use of icons, we’ve listed a collection of transparent icons you may use for your personalization and web elements and in this case, blogs.

If you are looking for icons that have rounded corners, the Simple Blog Icon Design is something to consider. It uses a two-toned, both deep and soft color scheme. The colors yellow, violet, pink, blue and white are equally distributed to each of the blog icons, with an added long shadow to include depth on the blog icons.

Social Media Blog Icons

Social Media Blog Icons Download

Grunge Blog Icons

Grunge Blog Icons Download

Free Blog Icon Designs

Free Blog Icon Designs Download

Blog Post Icons

Blog Post Icons Download

More Samples of Blog Icons

For a use of flat design in blog icons, the Blog Post Icons is a great choice. Its design casts a long shadow and the outlines are trimmed with a royal violet and bright, eye-popping magenta. It has fine outlines with a color-coordinated color scheme from violet to understated gray shades.

In the use of flat design in iconography, you can choose your icons to be isolated in a circle shape. If you want to gear towards such shape, Social Media Blog Icons is your probable go-to.

If you are looking for a more detailed graphic icon, the Flat Blog Icon Designs is a great choice. It is not isolated on any shape but in a white background that it is laid out. The prominent use of the colors yellow, green, red and blue are distributed to the design elements of this set of blog icons.

In contrast to the previous example of icons not being isolated, you have options as to what shape to use for your icons. You could opt for a rectangle, rounded corners and in this case a circle shape. They influence mobility and comfort in its shape and is commonly used iconography.

If you want a softer shape to use for your blog icons, we’ve got you covered with our list of circle icons.

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