Websites, applications, and software provides one of the immensely useful services for its users and I’m talking about share buttons. Users are able to share any content be it videos, photos, images, PDF and other files to any recipient just by clicking on this button.

Designers must be mindful of this tiny graphic, one must consider its functionality and style. Share icons must be alike to the whole personality of the website or application and users should be able to use its purpose, which is the allocation of content.

You can also ogle on more free icons designs that will be useful for any future design assignments and references.

Share Icons in PNG

Share Png Icons


Bebo Share Icon

Social Share Icons


Share Folder Icon

Share Folder Icon


Are share buttons really important?

Well, yes.

Share buttons are an example of an ordinary interaction design. This is one great way to get content shared across social media and online channels. These increases shares thus increasing online traffic and online presence.

At the end of the day, without these share buttons, how would you share those cat videos you’ve been binge watching to your friends?

Is it important to have a good design for share buttons?

We have to consider great user experience. As said earlier, buttons are an interaction design. When users utilize buttons it must have a probable result; in this case, your content will be shared with your assigned recipient.

Here’s a design tip, apply round shaped borders to your share icons.

This suggests that the viewer’s eye direction would be towards the middle which is the label of the button. A great example would be the Social Share Icons. It is designed with shadows underneath the buttons to give a risen up button or perspective.

It is mandatory for every website to add on Social Media Icons. Whichever they choose to place these icons, it should be available for the users. These social media icons may direct users to the personal accounts of the user (this is true for most personal websites) and organizations, brands, and companies as well.

Free Share Icon

Free Share Icons


Android Share Icon

Android Share Icon


Samples of Share Icons

If you are looking for a simplified icon design that best represents the whole personality of your website or application, the Share Icons in PNG is a practical choice.

We also have Android icons available on our list. The Share Outline Icon, Android Share Icon, and Free Share Icon are samples of a outlined and flat android icons, respectively.

If bright colors are a match to your site and app’s personality, the Email Share Icon incorporates a bright pink outline and is surrounded by a white and transparent background.

If you want to use buttons that include logo and captions with an added shadows, the Social Share Icons and Bebo Share Icon are just the icons you need.

If you need a wider selection of your icons, the Flat Share Icon Pack already features a share button and this sample is a packed with other design icons that will be useful for website and mobile personalization and application design.

You may also see our list of transparent icons. They still have the colorful designs just placed under a transparent background.

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