Icons are miniature sized graphics that features different design styles and sets of color schemes. Even in its size, it continues to be a huge and important element is user-interface and for the web, application and print utilization. In this case, it is right to apply a cloud computing depicting in icons since both are interactive and universal in its use.

To give you an idea, you may browse through our samples of cloud icons that are applicable for design projects such as web, applications, print and multimedia projects and as future references. You may also go through our list of free icons to get your creative juices flowing.

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Internet Cloud Icons

Cloud Services Icons

Cloud Computing Storage Icons

Cloud Flat Icons

Vector Cloud Icons

Selection of Cloud Icons

It is always good to start with a simple canvas, the Vector Cloud Icons is simply a great pick. This set of Cloud Icons are sans of any enclosed icons on the clouds and it uses a medium thick lines depicting strength and softness with the curves present.

If you want to go towards a different direction in Cloud icon design, the Transparent Cloud Icons might be the choice for you. It features a selection ranging from search, upload, media, email and download icons. The beauty of this icon set is that the transparency of these icons can blend and capture the colors and design to whatever background it is placed.

The Cloud Services Icons features most of its icons with rounded corners and designs though it is isolated in a rectangle shape. This set of cloud icons is considered as a flat design since its sans of any three-dimensional perspective and the effect that is giving these icons some depth is the casting of long shadows.

If you are looking for a simple and basic cloud icon, the Cloud Storage Icons is perfect to use. It is trimmed with gradient shades of blue and is contrasted with using edgy and curved shapes to balance out the cloud icon design.

You may browse through our transparent icons collection to inspire your creative eye.

Cloud Storage Icons


Weather and Cloud Icons


Cloud Computing Icons

Cloud Outline Icons

More Options for Cloud Icons

The Cloud Flat Icons is designed in a original flat design style since it is sans of long shadows. But it still serves a colorful set of color scheme and there is a cohesive design in the layout of the cloud icon. The elements inside the cloud icons are not overshadowed and it does interpret the function of each cloud icons.

If you want to use beautiful and minimal outlined cloud icons, the Cloud Computing Storage Icons is a perfect choice. This set provides 10+ cloud icons that are all available in a downloadable format on the website.

The pairing of outlined and filled clouds in Weather and Cloud Icons is a good contrast of thickness of the line art and color fill. It features a range of icons from sunny, rainy, snowing and so on.

Don’t let its size worry you, the Cloud Computing Icons is provided with cloud icons that can be resized. It also includes AI, EPD, PDF, JPG, SVG, and PNG file formats. This set of cloud icons is easily editable, with options to change its color variations and shapes.

You may also use our list of circle icons that you can use for your design projects and future references.

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