With the many uses of icons, it does find its way as the face of applications. This is the first impression users get to have towards an app. A weak icon design may suggest that an app has a weak quality and performance, hence, making the app forgettable.

App icons also feature a spectrum of colors in order to match it with the app’s personality and core.

If you are having trouble creating or looking for a set of appealing icons, then down below are your primary app solutions. In our list of app icons, you can download various app designs ranging from social media apps to gaming apps.

Don’t worry, we promise that these app icons are downloadable. You may also see our collection of free icons.

App Icon Style

Camera App Icon Template

Social Media App Buttons/Icon

Background for the App Icon

App Icon Set


App Icon Generator

Vector App Icons


App Icons Frames Set

Social Media App Icons


Realistic iOS App Icon


Simple App Icons 


Unique App Icon

Apple App Icons


Simple App Icon Generator

Android App Icons


The Essence of an Icon

In this case, icons are a visual symbol representing a certain brand, game or applications. App icons should be memorable and by one glance at it, users could already distinguish its use or purpose — whether it is a game, dating or editing app.

An app icon could be distinctive by having a strong brand or a character based logo (the latter is true in relation to games). A great example is the vector app icons. It features icons that at one glance you would know it is for email, the internet, maps, radio and so on.

Do’s and Don’t for App Icons

  • Don’t incorporate photos, interface elements etc. on your app icon. These certain details are hard to see specifically in a reduced size. This will not directly communicate your app’s purpose.
  • Do test and examine your app icon on different wallpapers, photos, and dynamic backgrounds. You can’t predict which wallpaper people will choose for their screens. So, try out your app icon on different backgrounds, textures, colors and so on.

For an added design tip, designers strongly encourage new designers to make a black and white logo first and then place it on a separate black and white backgrounds. This is to see if their logos will fit to placed on colored backgrounds.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to design. App icons have improved over the years and still serving its purpose. If you are looking for a different style for your icons, transparent icons are just right for you.

App Store Icon


Free App Icons


Weather App Icons


Games App Icon Pack

Different App Icons

Smartphones or tablets specifically, Samsung, LG, or Motorola, to name a few commonly comes with an Android installed in the devices. If you own one, you likely have seen the visual design and interacted with its features of android app icons.

Techies and visual designers give credit to Apple for designing aesthetically pleasing and engaging apps that emit power and simplicity. These apps are created with functionality and that makes its design pushed to a better version. You may use the crisp and sleek Apple app icons; they are available in a pack and features different Apple app icons.

Social media apps icons are mandatory elements for websites and video-sharing sites or apps. They are also present in home screens once a user installs them. If you are looking for a pack of such, the social media app icons are available here.

Kid’s games offer many fun and likable icons for their apps. Apps designated for kid’s game should carry colorful elements and lovable characters to really attract and grab the attention of children. For an entertaining app icon, the games app icon pack is a perfect choice. You may also see our list of cartoon icons.

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