Maps have been a major lifesaver during trips and vacations. They direct travelers to their desired locations and even though maps turned to digital it has been much more of a breeze for any globetrotters nowadays.

Maps now have accurate directions and on the range abilities to accompany its users. The highly recognized feature of it is the map icon. The inverted, sharp-tipped eye drop shape has come to good use. But there are also variations of these map icons.

To give you an idea, you may browse through our list of free icons of maps to get you started. This list features map icons in different shapes, colors, sizes and designs.

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Color Map Icons

Map Icons Vector


Map Location Icons


Black Map Icons


Flat Map Icons

The Very Core of Map Icons

Map icons are a part of map symbolization or the graphic representation of land used in maps. Since maps are reduced to a certain size for print and digital, it is necessary to have graphic representation to convey the message to the users.

The Details on Map Icons

The tiny details on every design sum up the entire look, style, and preferences. Map icons are no exception to this, having to consider the users of maps they come in different cultures and traditions and even the simplest use of color might lead to misunderstanding. Bottom line, the details on map icons should translate universally.

Let us break down the details on what to consider in designing map icons or in editing our sample icons:

  • Perspective. Since maps are laid out in a flat perspective, adding details such as shadows, glows, etc., on map icons avoids technical confusions and for the icons in falling flat.
  • Color plays a big part on maps. Red is commonly used as the color indicating your current location. Colors may vary depending on your legends. An example, blue is used for medical landmarks, yellow for food and beverages, and so on.
  • Symbols. Every map is provided with legends. They indicate your current location, dead ends, landmarks etc. You can also these mini icons as your symbols.

Map Pin Icons


Free Map Icons

Isometric Map Icons


Vintage Map Icons

Map Icon Pack


We Have Multiple Options!

Maps are helpful in avoiding its users from getting lost. You’d know where you are currently at with the use of map pin icons.

Games do serve players with amazing graphics. Be it magical, flat, three-dimensional etc. If you are looking for another option for your game map icons, the Map Location Icons are available to your disposal. The pins that come along with the design, depicts a bronze and metal material perfect for a magical theme.

As said earlier, symbols are used to indicate your current location and other options for the different activities. The Flat Map Icons does that work for you. The set provides symbols that feature shopping, leisure, food, beverage and so on.

Maps are getting better and versatile these days. They not only provide us with locations but also include weather updates. The Weather Icons can be used for personalization and in creating weather applications.

There is that nice feeling to see landmarks in perspective other than seeing it flat on a map. The Isometric Map Icons can be used for your design projects, prototypes etc. This set is already provided with pre-made icons and users are allowed combine and change the color variations.

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