A day in a life might consist of jam-packed schedules and responsibilities that there will be few duration to take on for leisure and relaxation. We all need some stress take away from time to time. Traveling puts us back on track and helps in nourishing our curiosity and imprints in us a peaceful well-being.

Design is a powerful move to conveying such message to potential prospects regarding travel. Through design, you are able to send awareness and grab attention.

Down below, we have gathered 105+ travel icons to demonstrate the visual picture of traveling as well as to provide design elements to elevate your project. You may also go through our list of travel flyers & templates that will be helpful for design projects and for future references.

Flat Design Travel Kits

Flat Design Travel Kits


This set of icons is a good way to remember on all the essentials you will need for traveling and in this case, hiking.

While it is important to pack this equipment and tools, you may use this set across your design projects be it iconography, creative references, graphic design plates, interactive design, infographics and so on. You never know when you will need such set of icons.

We also have a travel and tourism icon pack in store for you.

Isolated Vector Luggage Icons


As a traveler, what type of luggage do you mostly bring? Are you more of a carry-on traveler or a sure and extra? Whatever it is, this set of icons definitely features varying items of luggage for the different types of travelers.

This set of icons can be used for design projects you may have at hand. As well as the following icons are of isolated vectors and are crafted with a flat design exterior. You may also go through our fashionable set of icons that brings out energy and personality.

Traveler’s Elements Icons


Never leave the house without the essentials such as passport, ever handy camera, navigation tools and more importantly your travel tickets.

Now, this icon collection is created in a semi-flat design style with coordinating the use of color. You may incorporate these icons as design elements for your projects as well as use these for icon design reference.

If you are looking for ticket designs, look no further because we have gathered 40+ ticket designs that will be helpful for your design projects and as future references.

Sunblock Suncare On Travel Icon

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Expect a lot of sun exposure while traveling. As part of the things to pack when planning to travel, it is also important to remind others to wear sunblock on a daily basis as well as for traveling.

This sunblock icon could be used as a design element in infographics or graphic design, creative reference, and so on.

Cocktails On Travel Vector Travel Icons


Enjoy everything under the sun with accessible sips of cocktail and the company of lukewarm waters.

Demonstrate such state of peace with this trio of travel icons. It is created in a three-dimensional frontal angle yet it is set in a flat design. It also uses an analogous color scheme. You may incorporate these icons onto infographics, interactive designs, and so on.

We also have collected more sun illustration vectors that will be of great help for design projects and may be utilized as future references.

To Help You Get By

It might have been mentioned previously on the varying mediums you may apply these icons. But you can incorporate such design elements on other mediums and materials.

With a little help, let us break down on the different projects you could dabble in with the use of these travel icons:

Corporate identity. Whether your brand is associated with traveling or possesses the idea of relaxation, you may incorporate these icons for your corporate identity. May we suggest one? The Sunset Travel Icons translates warmness and positive movement which best represents a motivating force of a brand.

Design Reference. These icons have varying design styles which you can grab for references. You may apply these icons on digital works be it content, games, iconography, color swatches and so on.

The Travel, Outline icons do perfectly well to reference for minimalist and outlined design style. As well as for its simplified depiction of landmarks and elements pertaining to travel.

If you are focusing on fashion aesthetics on traveling, the Isolated Vector Luggage Icons can be of great design reference for such art direction. It is implied on a flat design which is a trending design style these days.

Design Elements

  • Advertising collaterals. There is a lot to take in and consider before traveling such accommodations, transportation, locations, tourist spots and so on. Travel Agencies and websites provide printed and digital materials for their clients such as brochures, flyers, advertisements, outdoor advertisements and so on. You may provide design elements on advertising collaterals through these set of icons such as the Travel, Outline Icons and Travel Flat Icon Set. You may also use our heap of travel agency brochure designs
  • Infographics. Infographics are one great way in informing readers regarding travel as well as traveling to a certain country. Infographics are combined with accompanying amounts of text and images as to easily imprint any information provided for the reader.In case your infographic dwells about history or knowing more of a certain country, well then you may use the Indonesia Famous Landmark Icons as your design elements. The potential readers can easily visualize about the country Indonesia and its treasures awaiting to be discovered by travelers and tourists.
  • Website design. You may incorporate these travel icons as design elements for websites. These icons could be used for graphics content and iconography.
  • Interactive designs. If part of your creative direction is to add some buttons for direct links or movement, these travel icons could be used as an interactive feature.


  • Stickers. These icons will be a perfect visual picture placed on a miniature material to awaken the inner wanderlust in every individual. If you want to immediately show a country you wish to travel, the Famous International Landmark Icons are brilliant design elements you can incorporate into stickers and personalization projects.

Educational Tool

Traveling might be an exciting downtime with kids yet they may be unaware of such nourishing experience. You may use these icons especially the Traveler’s Elements Icons as an educational tool for children in teaching them the essentials needed when traveling. The design is easy to translate and distinguish for kids and the help of visuals, kids could easily imprint the elements.

Show Us More!

Travel, Outline Icons

The set of travel icons comes in a outlined design style and is not limited to a two-dimensional exterior adding an isometric perspective to appropriately display famous landmarks.

This specific set of icons offers fifteen varying icons as well as customization in terms of weights and size. Even if the icons are designed in a simplified way, viewers could distinguish the icon and its meaning.

Having a trouble pin pointing where this location is? Don’t fret. With a use of these, you will be able to craft designs with a proper set of map icons. This would be of great help to be used as symbols, interactive projects and so on.

Famous International Landmark Icons



To best demonstrate a visual picture of international landmarks, this set of icons does the work for such. The icons are less detailed and to avoid misunderstanding in terms of conveying the icon’s message, do not apply these icons in a small size.

This set comes along in nine colorful and direct portrayal of famous landmarks and it features the Eiffel tower, Taj Mahal, and so on.

Indonesia Famous Landmark Icons


This set of icons celebrates the sum of southeast Asian culture and authentic beauty of Indonesia which demonstrates the latter’s rich heritage, incomparable architecture and representation.

It uses a cohesive color palette; applying light yellow shades on minor details while the red is the secondary color in this design that helps add a bright pop on the gloomy blue shades.

Travel Flat Icon Set

Setting foot in an unfamiliar place could sometimes leave us anxious and yet the journey is half the fun. This set of travel icon set is designed in a point-of-view perspective which gives a personal and relatable touch in its appearance.

It is available in nine varying designs with a simple take on digital illustration. As well as the color palette is incorporated across all icons thus creating a cohesive exterior and style.

Sunset Travel Icons

After a day’s travel, a sight of a breathtaking painted like sunset really closes the day of adventures and traveling. This set of sunset icons best represents such perspective in a simplified manner and demonstrates a warm characteristic.

You may apply these sunset travel icons for corporate identity be it across your brand logo and branding collaterals. You may also incorporate this on design projects such as website design, graphic design and so on. This set of sunset icons could be utilized as references be it for the color palette for illustration, digital art etc. as well as for iconography.

Before we call it a day…

How about we settle and admire the beauty of sunsets. The latter is a sight and is a beautiful setting for photographs, hence, a photography term used in photography, magic hour. Magic hours usually occurs during the late afternoon and sunsets.

Magic hours gives off a soft light on settings which will be helpful in photography but you also have to be fast or you’ll lose light. You may be intrigued by the beauty of sunsets through our list of sunset photographs for inspiration and future reference.

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