All of us who operate computers regularly will truly appreciate the utility value of folders. Folders help us save our files in an organized manner easing our searching of data at all points of time. Free icon packs are available for users to download and use for the purpose they deem fit. Folder Icons for windows and Pink folder icons are designed in an attractive manner for all the Windows users to make use of the same.

Free Folder Mac Icons

Folder Mac Icons are professionally designed icons that can be used by MAC users. It displays the image of a typical MAC folder created in a highly formal manner. You may also see Free Icons.

Windows Folder Icons

Windows Folder Icons are a set of Icons that can be used in PC’s working on Windows operating systems. It displays the image of a windows folder which looks very creative. You may also see Mac Icons.

Games Folder Icons

Folder Games Icons displays the image of Games folder that contains the files of multiple games. This icon can be used in all types of computers irrespective of the operating system.

High-Quality Folder Icons

High-Quality Folder Icons displays multiple types of folders in varied operating systems. The images of these folder icons are high in quality and looks completely stunning and appropriate

Realistic Folder Icons

Realistic Folder Icons are set of icons that have images that express the usage of the icon in a realistic manner. These icons can be used for specific purposes deemed fit by the users

Vector Folder Icons

Vector Folder Icons have been created with a high level of creativity. The icons have images over every folder that indicate the usage purpose of the folder in a simple and direct manner

Flat Style Folder Icon Set

Flat style Folder icon set is a set of folder icons that have been created in a flat manner. These folder icons look highly elegant and neat looking

Vintage Folder Icons

Vintage Folder Icons displays folder icon in Vintage style which has been created in a professional style. These folder sets can be used as a complete set as well as in an individual manner

Flat Folder Icons

Flat Folder Icons are a set of folder icons that are designed to be used to display documents and file folders. They have been designed to look flat and offer a neat finish.

Personalized Folder Icons

Personalized Folder Icons are designed to be used for web applications as well as in Mobile Applications. These folder icons are designed in a manner for the users to customize them for their uses

Anime Folder Icons

Anime Folder Icons have been created with a lot of creativity using cartoon and heroic figures that children will enjoy. These folder icons can be used to save children’s files and films

Office File Folder Icons

Office File Folder contains a complete set of 12 folder images that can be used for web application and mobile applications by users. The folder has been created in a colorful and clean manner.

Animated Folder Icons

Animated Folder Icons are individual folders that are available in unlimited numbers for the users to choose from. These folders can be used by users to suit their requirements

Free Folder Icons

Free Folder Icons are designed in a unique manner to suit the seasonal requirements of users. They are highly colorful and attractive and can be used across multiple platforms by users

Glass Folder Icons

Glass Folder Icons are created for users who use Windows Vista. They are absolutely stunning since they display a transparent folder body that allows seeing through the background images on the desktop.

Music Folder Icons


Apple Folder Icons


Collection of Free Folder Icons


Desktop Folder Icons


How to use these “Folder Icons”?

Folder Icons can be used by the users to display their files on their computers in an elegant manner. Folder Icons are available in innumerable numbers for the users to choose from to suit their needs. Kids Folder Icons have been created specifically for use of kids to save their favorite games and videos. These display the images of cartoon characters and heroic characters on them. Folders Icons of different varieties are available for the users to use fitting in their requirements and preference. These folder icons can be used both in Windows environment as well as on other platforms like Vista.

Folder Icons are simple files that can be downloaded by the users for free of cost. Some of these folder icons are modifiable. They can be customized by the users to fit in the exact requirement for which they are customizing the same. Folder Icons are highly attractive and beautiful.

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