With the help of icons it is not just very simple and convenient for users to get into applications, icons have cleverly made our computer and mobile devices appear as very fashionable. Nowadays people put in a lot of time and thought trying to come up with ideas for designing an icon. That the icon engine online is already huge and still growing is obvious. There is an icon available for every object…literally. Take the example of megaphones. You will be surprised to learn the number of types and designs of megaphone Audio kit icons and designs that available in the online space now. If you’re looking to upgrade your project with the latest megaphone icons, you’ve come to the right page!  

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Awesome Megaphone Icons

This set of megaphone vectors features all the different kinds of megaphones which are very popular nowadays. All of the icons here are black and white, high resolution and the can be scaled to different sizes.

Download Megaphone Icon EPS

In this vector you will get two megaphone icons – red and blue. The icons are available in three different formats in zipped folder – EPS, PSD and JPEG (high resolution.)

Variety Of Megaphones Icon

Take a look at this set of high quality hand-grip megaphone vectors – available in 4 different variations. All of the icons are high resolution and the sizes can be tampered according to project needs.

Vintage Retro Megaphone Icons

If you’re a fan of vintage and old-school megaphones then this set contains just those types of megaphone icons. All of the icons are in color –combination of teal blue, yellow and red.

Megaphones And Business Icons

This set contains some very fun and vibrant megaphone vectors which are high quality, and you can use them to ramp up the look of your online and offline projects.

Hands Holding Megaphones Icons

Megaphone icons are renowned for attracting attention towards a message or visual which needs it. You can use this set of hand-holding megaphone vectors to give emphasis to a certain aspect of your presentation, website, template or illustration.

Megaphone Flat Icon Vectors

Set against a lovely light yellow background, check out this set of megaphone icons in flat style design. This set has different variations of megaphones available to choose from.

Vector Black Megaphone Icons Set

If you have been looking to get your hands on a megaphones vectors set which is completely black in color, then here it is. The set of icons can easily be used on your computer and mobile devices, and other applications.

Amazing Megaphone Icons Set

Be it to indicate an announcement, high, low, or no volume, megaphone and speaker icons are the most preferred for this purpose. Here you will find all kinds of qualitative icons related to megaphone and speakers.

Megaphone And Speaker Icons 

Need a large variety of megaphone icons? This set contains megaphone and speaker icons in color, black and white, and outlined. There numerous avatars available, lots of options to choose from.

Elegant Megaphone Icons Collection

Flat Megaphone Object Icons

Isolated Black Megaphone Icons

Megaphone White Line Icons

Rounded Line Megaphone Icons

In recent years, megaphone icons have really seen a leap in their design. Whether you’re looking for basic megaphone icons or something more stylized, the above mentioned examples provide you with more than ample choices to pick from. Use them to perk up the functionality and appearance of your projects.


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