Web and application design incorporates the use of profile icons as an interactive feature as well as a design element to its designated medium being used. The aforementioned should translate its function through the application of design; which is important in gaining a great user-experience for the users of any web and application mediums.

Let us present to you a list of profile icon designs that are inclusive of various design styles which makes up for an extensive selection. All of which are provided in a downloadable format. Also, you may freely download more of our design samples starting with a list of social media icons. Which will be a great addition to both design elements and interactive features on any web and application design. As well as for promotional materials be it posters, flyers, online banners, brochures and much more.

A List of Profile Icon Designs.

As previously mentioned, icons are used and designated as an interactive feature on both web and application designs. To achieve a smooth user-experience, you might want to add more of these specific design elements. In this list, we have collected a plentiful of delete icon designs for you to choose from. As well as, this list features delete icons designed for various functions and purposes to give you wider design options.

Profile icons or avatars are used in the digital medium to indicate a default state of a function such as adding one’s avatar/image profile (e.g Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.). It also demonstrates such functions of adding or removing an individual in a designated category as well as an indication that such specific category includes a group of individuals. To give you a visual aid and with no further ado, scroll directly down below to view our list of profile icon designs.

A Set of 12 Avatar Icon Designs


100 Avatar / People Icon Designs | AI, EPS, PNG, SVG, JPG


Corporate Set of People Icon in a Semi-flat Design Style


A Set of High Resolution People / Avatar Character Icons | AI, EPS, JPG, PNG


Group User Profile Icon Design


Making the most of these profile icons.

The importance of profile icons are heavily discussed in this specific list but could there be more to mention? We say, yes! These profile icons serve up a line up of utilization. Now, to make most of these samples of profile icons, let us break down a couple of purposes the latter is designated for.

For Infographics. You may freely incorporate these samples of profile icons to infographics. Since the latter is a summary of data and information of selected topics, it is bound to have a jampacked blocks of text. To counteract such design no-no, the application of icons and labels allows readers to not be overwhelmed with the data presented and to aid in quick visual imprint.

Speaking of infographics, we do have a list that pertains to the latter that we think you might be interested to visit. Here we have gathered websites that are inclusive of infographic designs that discuss topics surrounding the LGBTQ community. The list also showcases a variety of design styles infused onto these infographics for an enjoyable scan through of summarized data and information.

For web, mobile and application design. Similar to the layout and composition of design for infographics, profile icons do contribute as an interactive feature for web mobile and application mediums. The latter often provides accounts for users (eg. Youtube, Facebook, Behance etc.) which you may upload content be it videos, images, text and so on. These accounts require the use of profile icons to display an image of the user or uploader. That is where profile icons come in play.

For a more extensive design selection, you may go through our whopping list of 1100+ icon designs all of which are provided with a PSD file format. In the list, you may find icons various purposes be it web and mobile design, personalization, branding creators and for multi-purpose uses. Scroll down on this specific list icon designs and you may find yourself immersed with a couple of basics on developing a strong and high-impact branding.

For Interactive mediums and designs. Profile icons can be of great use for interactive designs whether it be for presentations or services. These samples of profile icon designs can be used as labels as well as imagery to provide a quick visual imprint of what is being presented.

If you want to personalize your website or blog design, you may want to skim through our set of blog icon designs.

solid Style Profile Icon Design | SVG, PNG, ICO, EPS, AI

Mutly User Icon Available in PNG & SVG

Outlined Avatar / People User Icon Design

Female Profile User Icon Design | Vector, AI, PSD, PNG, ICO

Outlined Remove Administrator Icon Design | PNG

Don’t go just yet!

Looking for more icon designs? Don’t you fret because we have more offerings were glad to share with you.

We have gathered a heap of discount and percentage icon designs that are set with varying design styles. Also, these design samples will be of great use as design elements for promotional materials.

Icons offer versatility in terms of how they are designed as well as with its various applications. The aforementioned is heavily discussed as an interactive feature but you may apply such compact graphics for mediums designated for conveying safety messages. Be it for public establishments, construction sites, and commercially sold products.

With that said, you may skim through an assortment of warning icon designs made available for you. This specific list also discusses the importance of warning icons as well as its design standards to develop a universal and comprehensible visual communication.

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