Currently, people visit a website of a certain business, organization or an individual.In order to assess the profile of the business or services they provide. People have a general perception of the fact that a good company will have a trendy website. A good website does not mean it needs to have a great interface or a highly contrastive colour combination. What it needs is the perfect blend of magnificent design, utility, and user-friendly interface. Following are websites that serve as good guides for designing a good website.

Martins Hotel Wishes

The website has the appearance of a night sky. The night sky is a symbol of peace and serenity. A website with such an appearance can be used to design the website of some hotel, retirement home or even a travel company. The layout sports the attractiveness of a tourism layout.

Fjord Trends 2016

The contrast of Blue and red is a great way to create mystery and suspense. Such a theme can be used by a website promoting deodorants or even liquor. The impressive contrast of the website will be able to create a great sense of suspense in the minds of the customers. The curiosity to know the suspense attracts the customer and hence providing a valuable customer base.

Le Dernier Gaulois

The brown background with a golden portrait in the front is perfect to display a classic and traditional sense. It also brings out the seriousness. The layout also represents strategic mindset. The similar website can be used by different games or some museum.


A dark background with an army outfit is perfect for drawing the attention of people. It is the best way to design the website of clothes or shoe company. The presence of orange on the deep background creates a great contrast. The contrastive layout represents the trend in the market. Hence a lot of customers are attracted towards the website.


A man floating in the clouds is a great way to motivate people. The web layout seems like giving hope to the customers. A website can be used to draw the attention of people who are on the lookout for new jobs and looking for a better future. This sort of web page can be used by different consultancy services. For consultancy services such type of layout is cost effective as well as attractive.


White signifies simplicity and purity. A website designed with white as the primary color is a great way to promote objects such as perfumes or organic bags. Such layout may help one get the customer base who is wanting to buy from the simplest e-store possible. A simple layout is easy to navigate and understand.


Blue represents something related to water. Hence a contrast of light blue background is a great way to design a website with deals with aqueous substances such as water. It can also be used as the background of a website that deals with items that can be used in water sports such as that of swimsuits or goggles.


Using a bright yellow colour is a great way to design a website because the brightness of the colour helps to draw the attention of the viewers. Such a website can be used by companies dealing with designing and manufacturing


Using spookiness is a great way to attract people. This type of spooky website can be used by companies selling gift items


High rising buildings in front of the Horizons is a great way to create an impression of splendor in the minds of people. Companies responsible for designing things can use such a website.

The websites mentioned earlier are perfect examples of designing impressive and user-friendly websites that help in improving the business by a great deal. Thus with a well-designed website, an organization has the capability to draw people towards their business. Designers can get a lot of great ideas from the websites mentioned above.

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