We are approaching the end of the year. And in this penultimate month, there will be a time when you will be giving thanks to your family members and loved ones on the day of thanksgiving. And for the same, there will be multiple designs that will come to the surface. And now is the time to get started on them. To help you with the task of it, we have compiled this list of some of the funniest turkey  Free Clipart that can easily become the design element for your thanksgiving flyers, greetings and dinner invitations.

Thanksgiving Turkey Clipart

Thanksgiving Turkey Clipart

Here is a cute turkey clipart with colored body and feathers that you can download as a png file in a high resolution of 6322 x 6116 pixels. This turkey clipart can be downloaded for free from the given link.You may also see Christmas Cliparts.

Black and White Turkey Clipart


Here is a black and white clipart with the turkey outline that you can either use in your design or download as a coloring page for different projects. Click on the download link provided below to know more about it.You may also see Thanksgiving Clipart.

Free Turkey Clipart

Free Turkey Clipart

Here is another free clipart that shows a somewhat old and scared turkey cartoon that you can download as a gif file in a resolution of 490 x 446 pixels from the below-mentioned link.

Turkey Clipart For Thanksgiving Day

Turkey Clip Art For Thankgiving Day

Here is the first premium clipart in the list that shows a cool turkey in a black hat that you can download as an editable vector illustration for a nominal fee of 4 dollars. Check it out here.

High-Resolution Turkey Cliparts

High Resolation Turkey Clip Art

If you are looking for a varied set of professional clipart of thanksgiving turkey then you should definitely have a look at this premium collection of 25 high-resolution png images that contains multiple other clipart as well for the same theme.You may also see Free Clipart For Teachers.

Download Vector Turkey Clipart

Vector Turkey Clip Art

Check out this funny high-quality stock vector illustration that you can download for free for your personal and commercial projects. The dancing turkey illustration is available in multiple sizes to fit your requirements.

Vintage Turkey Cliparts

Vintage Turkey Clip Art

If you don’t mind spending a little money on your turkey clipart then have a look at this vintage collection of black and white turkey illustrations that is available in high-resolution files set at 300 dpi.

Funny Turkey Clipart

Funny Turkey Clipart

Another funny illustration would include this stock vector illustration of a turkey trying to run away with an equally scared expression. The editable vector can be downloaded for free from the given link.

Animated Turkey Clipart

Animated Turkey Clipart

Here is an animated turkey clipart that too is available in gif file format set in a resolution of 387 x 347 pixels. The design is quite basic and can be used as a reference for your original artwork.

Turkey Silhouette Clipart

Turkey Silhouette Clip Art

As a design element for your thanksgiving projects, not always will you need the detailed colored image of a turkey? And for that, here is a silhouetted clipart of the side profile of a turkey with extended tail feathers.

Cooked Turkey Clipart

Cooked Turkey Clipart

Most of the turkey clipart here are the living bird represented in a cartoon style. Here is another cartoon style clipart, but that of a cooked turkey along with carrots and other veggies that are available to you in gif file format.

Turkey Cartoon Clipart

Turkey Cartoon Clipart

Here is another clipart that will be loved by children and can be used in projects related to younger age group. You can even create an original using this as a reference or get in touch with the original designer for customizations.

Turkey Feathers Clipart

Turkey Feathers Clipart

This clipart is similar to what you have seen before and shows the side profile of a colored cartoon turkey with multicolored tail feathers. Download the animated gif file from the given link.

Turkey Outline Clipart

Turkey Outline Clip Art

Adding to your list of coloring pages for thanksgiving turkey is this outlined clipart. And like many mentioned above, this too can be yours to use for free to download from the below URL.

Turkey Face Clipart

Turkey Face Clip Art

In the link provided below, you will come across a simple design for a turkey face clipart. The important thing to notice there would be the other derivates that have been achieved through this simple design.

Black & White Turkey Border Clipart

Turkey Border Clip Art


Wild Turkey Clipart

Wild Turkey Clip Art


These turkey clipart are mostly available for free. And the reason you use them in your designs can be as varied as your imaginations. But keeping in mind the time of the year and everything, the most recent project where you might be using such a clipart would be for thanksgiving projects.

Once downloaded from their respective download links, you can either use them as an element of your design project, or it can find its place as the cover image of your thanksgiving greeting cards. A couple of them are also available as just outlined coloring pages, which your kids or younger members of the family are going to love coloring. You may also see Cartoon Clipart.

So make sure you have all the resources collected before you start on your thanksgiving designs of flyers, party invitations, and greetings. The turkey dinner clipart is something that is relevant to all the thanksgiving dinners you have had and will have in the future and thus makes sense to include them in your thanksgiving designs.

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