To delete any virtual documents and files means to free any digital space for more content to be placed. That is why delete icons are one great interactive feature to be placed on any digital mediums. As well as with the inclusion of other delete commands, users of an application or website may navigate and apply the commands being presented to them. Such function of the delete buttons is best demonstrated with the use of design to convey its function.

To help you get by, we have gathered a line up of delete icon designs of many purposes and commands as well as design variations. All of which are provided in a downloadable format. You may also go through our list of social media icons which will be of great use for design projects be it web and application design, personalization and many more. You freely use such samples for future design reference and resources.

A Line up of Delete Icon Designs.

In our list down below, we have gathered a variety of delete icons which features designs for file, document, and comment delete icon and the basic commands designated for delete icons. All of the samples provides an understandable message conveyed through its design elements. Which will be a great contribution to a great user experience. With no further ado, directly below is an assortment of delete icon designs.

For an extensive design and icon selection, you may freely skim through our collection of icon designs available in a PSD file format.

iPhone Delete Icon Design


A simple X such as this delete icon design best conveys the message of its function and command. Sans of any shapes to enclose such design element, provides a simple and minimal layout on a digital medium as well as a quick visual imprint of this command. Given by its name, this delete icon design is commonly used in Apple digital products.

Delete Document Free Web Icon Design |


The application of negative space in this delete icon designs brings about balance to the composition of the design. It incorporates thick outlines to which offers readability and proper conveying of the button’s function. You may freely utilize this delete icon sample for web design and more importantly on digital mediums that offers documents and files for storage, placement and so on. You may also see Warning Icon Designs.

Trash Web Icon Design

unnamed file

The most common delete symbols used for delete icons and commands are the X symbol and the trash can. Which allows a quick understanding of its function. In this case, the trash can symbol turned delete icon, is designed in a simple and effective way. You may freely use this delete icon design for design projects be it web design, interactive designs, personalization and so on. You may also see Purchase Icon Designs

Calendar Delete Icon


Need an icon design for specific functions? Then, look no further. The Calendar Delete Icon Design in Flat Style offers just that.

Delete File Icon


Set in a simple and flat design which is perfect for icons such as this specific delete icon design. You may also utilize this icon for other purposes as to provide a command for users to close such document and so on.

Delete Comment Icon Design


A great feature about this delete icon is its use of color theory to create a composition in a visual plane. Colors such as blue recede and for red it advances, that is the nature of both warm and cool colors. Which allows a visual distinction the of its function as well as giving much emphasis on the delete icon. You may also see Discount Icon Designs.

Garbage Delete Icon Design


If you ever happen to follow a use of green color palette or is interested in a placement of colorful icons for their digital mediums, then this specific delete icon design is a perfect element to consider. The latter is designed in a semi-flat design style to allow an extensive comprehension of the delete icon. You may also see Collection Of Minimal Icons

Thick Outlined Delete Icon Design


The Thick Outlined Delete Icon Design goes back to a more simple and basic demonstration of the delete icon. The latter is perfect to use for specific deletion of a text or image; sort of pointing out an exact element that needs to be deleted. This specific delete icon is universal which can be used for any function be it a document, file and so on deletion. You may also see Download Icons

Cancel, Delete, Remove, Round Trash Icon Design


If you prefer to include color for your delete icon design, then the Cancel, Delete, Remove, Round Trash Can Icon Design | PNG, SVG, AI offers just that but with a more urgent and signaling notification. That is because of the use of the color red for the delete icon design.

Delete Account Icon Design


Websites and applications offers the use of visuals and text for an easy comprehension and imprint of the user. For such specific command, you may freely utilize this delete icon design.

Delete Email Icon Design


If ever you need icon designs for email purposes, then this specific delete email icon design might be of great help for you. In some cases, apps and websites often provide specific commands for users which is a great strategy for an improved user experience. With the right coding and application of this icon design, your user-interface would greatly make use of this design element.

Rounded Clear Delete Icon Design


You may also utilize this specific delete icon design for purposes beyond web and application design. You may also use this delete icon for interactive designs that needs such interactive feature. More importantly for games which will be of great help for commands such as delete levels and closing such app.

Rounded Delete Sign Icon Design


Set in a semi flat design style, the Rounded Delete Sign/Icon Design is perfectly scalable as presented above; with its maximum and minimum screen and print sizes.

Data Delete Icon Design


For those data that needs to be deleted, this specific delete icon design is perfect for such function and command. As you may see, this delete icon offers a scalable feature perfect for differing digital medium sizes. You may also see Elegant Hotel Icon Designs.

Dusk Delete Icon Design


If you want a more decorative delete icon design, the Dusk Delete Icon Design might be for you. With its use of subdued color palette and unique design application for delete icon designs, make up a great selection for deletion commands. This specific delete icon design still demonstrates the practical function of delete icons but with added design elements for an eye-grabbing interactive feature. You may also like Free Vector Icons

Tell me more!

What can this line up of delete icons do that is beyond its practical function? We say, there are other alternatives to which you may apply these delete icons to greater and wider use. Before we call it a day, let us break down each one of the design options to go for.

Design Reference. You may apply these delete icons as design references for iconography and for design elements at hand. Refer to the shapes, color, and application of the design onto its icon design.

May we suggest two of the delete icons on the list? The Green Garbage Delete Icon Design can be used as a design reference for its application of the semi-flat design. The latter has been widely used for its simplified interpretation of the symbols and imagery as well as the incorporation of lighting which adds depth and dimension to such compact graphics.

Lastly, the Dusk Delete Icon Design is a great design reference for its fresh take on delete icon designs. With its application of a glossy texture brought about by the two-toned trimmed shape and the broken lines to give a sense of playfulness to the overall design. As well as its creative direction never falling out of the practical side these icon designs should have. You may also see Movie Icon Designs.

Other functions. For example, the Rounded Delete Sign/Icon Design | PNG serves as a delete icon design but it also possesses another function. This specific delete icon can be used to notify users regarding their interaction with what the delete icon is designated to appear. You may also like Emoji Icon Designs

We have more offerings!

Don’t leave just yet, we have more offerings and design resources were glad to share with you. For design topics and projects beyond what delete icons are designated, we have gathered a list of crown icon designs. We promise you, all samples are provided in a downloadable format. As well as the list features a line up of design styles to help you get by in your extensive design selection.

Second on our list, are an amazing set of travel icons which brings about the beauty of traveling and the places to visit through its depiction in a compact size.

You may also refer to our list of construction icon designs perfect for design projects such as infographics, web design and so on. We hope that this list of great help to you. The possibilities are endless when it comes to design. Experiment as much and have fun while doing it.

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