Isn’t it cool how we can do so much fun and creative things on the internet even with the smallest detail such as a user icon? We understand how crucial and observant you can get sometimes in terms of making even the smallest detail seem important– or maybe, you just do it for the sake of purely satisfaction and fun. Well, we’re just here to give you a tad bit of that. We have here a list of user icons that you can use to alter that default profile silhouette.

You can avail of these with just a few clicks of a mouse, as it is available in PSD, JPG, PNG and Vector EPS format. So, don’t forget to download your personal fave before clicking out. Want some free stuff to try first? Click Free Icons to see what’s hot.

User Icons Set

User Icon Set

User Icons Collection

user icons

PSD User Icons

PSD User Icons

User Business Icons

User Business Icons


This Powerful Tiny Image Detail

  • Classified

In some sales-marketing sites, you need to use appropriate user icon if you prefer it over a picture of yourself. This is to easily identify or classify an individual as a client or visitor or the person behind the interface. Having said that, you can choose from the “User Icons Set”.

  • Identifier

Default profile avatars usually just come in two kinds boy or girl. If you want to make it slightly more interesting or different, you can use any user icon from the “User Icons Collection”. It also comes in Mini Icons version, which you can click to see for yourself.

  • Multi-Functional

The “PSD User Icons” contains many assortments for different purposes such as hand signs symbolizing agreement, disagreement, command, direction etc.

  • Business Minded

Are you looking for a set of user icon appropriate for business or corporate use? If so, then choose the “User Business Icons” set.

Flat User Icons

Flat User Icons

User Group Icons

User group icon set


Abstract User Icons

Abstract User Icon

Free User Icon Pack

User icons pack


User Avatar Icons

User avatars pack


Appropriate Uses and Function

  • Business Websites

Sales and marketing websites contain all the information about the company, the products and services they offer and a responsive Q & A section to entertain any customer concerns. Although information content and menu in a word composition works for some viewers who thoroughly reads, there are those who prefer visually appealing instructional illustrations or images. Using these icons can serve all types of users.

  • Company Email or Website

Some companies prefer uniformity over variety. So, when it comes to company exclusive interfaces, it is sometimes highly preferable to use user icons that are neutral. To match that requirement, you can apply any of the icons we offer to suitably fit the environment.

  • Casual

If you own a couple of social media accounts, you may have been already familiar with one of the important steps when setting up your profile, and yes I specifically mean the part where it asks you to either paste an actual profile picture or choose from the avatar icons they have on their list. It may not be anything close to how you look, but these icons are useful for those people who prefer privacy or do not want their real appearance known.

Did you find this article useful and informative? If you did, then by all means, download the package or the item you wish to use and we hope you have fun altering the plain old default to your personal preference. It also comes in 3D so, if you want to see more of that, you can check it out in our 3D Icons listing.

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