For many people, butterflies are more than just glorified winged worms. If you dig deeper into metamorphosis, into how these beautiful creatures went from nonstop-munching creepy crawlies to magnificent fluttering beings, it’s easy to see how they can be taken as symbols for change…how some people identify with them. But while we’re here, let me throw this question to you. Do you see yourself as one?

As you simmer on that question, go ahead and check out this collection of 9+ beautiful butterfly silhouettes! These Free Silhouette Designs of butterflies come in JPG, Vector EPS, etc. formats—suitable for a number of design needs.

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Flying Butterfly Silhouette


Butterfly Side Silhouette


Butterfly Flower Silhouette


Free Butterfly Silhouette


Butterfly Clip Art Silhouette

All Kinds of Butterfly Silhouettes

With something that involves quite a few limitations (where the subject matter is concerned, anyway) as silhouettes, you might think that there’s not much to see in this collection of butterfly silhouettes. But if you stick around for a bit and browse a smidge more, you might think differently afterward.

  • Taking Flight with the Butterflies – “Flying Butterfly Silhouette” shows what lots of little girls dream of being able to do and what lots of us no-longer-little girls once dreamed of being able to do. (It’s either that or the girl in the picture is actually possessed or a sacrifice to the butterfly gods…
  • Industry Standard – Because you can’t go wrong with a handful of good old butterfly silhouettes, we offer you “Butterfly Side Silhouette,” “Free Butterfly Silhouette,” “Butterfly Clip Art Silhouette,” and “Printable Butterfly Silhouette.”
  • Getting Fancy with Photos – In “Butterfly Flower Silhouette” and “Small Butterfly Silhouette,” the butterfly silhouettes are more of the photographers’ manipulations of light and angles.
  • Pretty in Pink – Who says you have to stick to black for the actual silhouette? “Butterfly Vector Silhouette” clearly shows you that you can have more fun with your butterfly silhouettes.
  • Of Swirls, Dots, and Patterns – “Butterfly Tattoo Silhouette” and “Butterfly Abstract Silhouette” show you a more whimsical take on butterfly silhouettes.

Butterfly Vector Silhouette


Printable Butterfly Silhouette

Small Butterfly Silhouette


Butterfly Tattoo Silhouette

Butterfly Abstract Silhouette


The Deal with Butterfly Silhouettes

The thing that may not immediately register in people’s minds is the versatility of silhouettes, especially the ones in this collection of butterfly silhouettes (okay, maybe these Animal Silhouettes also). And to show you just how true this statement is, below is a list of suggestions on how you can use these butterfly silhouettes.

  • Butterfly Silhouette Vectors – As there are quite a few editable, scalable EPS butterfly silhouette vectors in this collection, you can definitely use these in any of your graphic design or illustrations projects. Use them as inspiration or butterfly vectors to get you started; and pretty soon you’ll be powering through your workload without wasting too much time, energy, money on pain killers, and sanity.
  • Butterfly Silhouette Cutouts – If you’re anything like me and prefer that personal touch in your artsy-fartsy school projects and personal crafts stuff, you can download any or all of these butterfly silhouettes, print them out, and cut them into individual paper critters.
  • DIY Butterfly Sticker Set – Just download “Butterfly Tattoo Silhouette,” shove some sticker paper into your printer, print it out, and cut the individuals for your own collection of butterfly stickers!

Now that we’ve covered all our bases, you can check out the links of these butterfly silhouettes, and download to your fluttering heart’s content!

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