Café’s have been a part of popular culture for a long period of time. Each café has its own set of target customers. The logo of the café plays a very crucial role in giving customers an idea about your café. The colors, design and even the font used in your logo carry a very important message. Make sure you complete your research and design a logo that would earn you high amount of profit. You may also see Low Poly Logo Designs

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Download Cafeteria Logo For Free


This Cafeteria logo for free is designed on a simple grey background. The image of this logo consists of a steaming cup of coffee. The word “cafeteria is written just beneath the logo and there is a one line space for adding a tagline

Italian Coffee Logo Design


In this sample of Italian coffee logo, the cup is drawn using the colors of the Italian national flag. The background used for the image is dark brown. There is a provision of writing the name of the company along with the slogan on the right hand side of the image.

Download Cyber Cafe Logo For Free


This image of Cyber café logo follows a very minimalistic design. A cup in white color is drawn right in the middle of a brown background. Smoke is shown emitting from the cup in a dramatic manner. The word cyber café is written right in the middle of the page below the cup.

Bakery Cafe Logo Free Download


This bakery café logo is designed on a grey background. An image of a cup sitting on top of a rolling pin is used in the logo. The word ‘bakery café’ is written at the bottom of the rolling pin.

Download Coco Cafe Logo For Free


In this sample of coco café for free, a dark coffee color background is used. A coffee cup in the background color is placed on a one square inch of white space. The smoke emitting from the cup is part of a real JPEG image.

Download Handmade Cafe Logo


This handmade café logo is very unique. The word ‘handmade’ is written in a very artistic way in white color on a coffee brown background. A smoking cup of coffee s placed right on the middle of the handwriting.

Amazing Cafe Logos For Free


In this sample of Amazing café logo, the words ‘daily grind coffee’ is inscribed throughout the template in different fonts and styles. You can use all of them or just choose from the multiple options.

Download Antenna Coffee For Free


In this design for antenna coffee a cup of coffee and a spoon is redesigned in number of different types of antennas, starting from satellite antennas to a simple radio antenna.

Download Free Coffee Logos


In this design of free coffee logos different types of coffee cups are used for adding life to this logo. The words coffee house and cappuccino appear on all the four cups.

Download Free Kupar Cafe Logos


This design of free Kupar café logo is quite colorful like its counterparts. A red color cup is seen sitting on an inverted triangle which is filled with green diamond shaped images. There is a halo over the cup drawn in orange and the word Kupar café is written on it.

Retro Coffee Logo Types


This sample of retro coffee logo theme has four different types of logos. The word ‘coffee shop’ appears repeatedly on each logo in different font and size option.

Logos play a very crucial role in creating a brand awareness and cult following. Cutting across the barriers of time and distance a well designed logo acts as the prime identity of a brand. Use one of the above given examples to design or customize your own logo for your very own coffee shop.

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