Mermaid silhouettes are common in various background illustrations and covers. Designers use these images for creating beautiful themes and backgrounds. A mermaid silhouette can be used in various products like toys, textiles, stationaries and other products. Innovation plays the key role in designing of these silhouettes. The shape, size, and background of these silhouettes are widely diverse. Here are twenty-one  Free Silhouettes of mermaids on various backgrounds that you can download from the website.

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Vector Mermaid Silhouettes

This is a swimming mermaid silhouette on a blue background. The fairy creatures are swimming in the water and have fish-like tails. The silhouettes are of solid black color and you can download the template for free. You may also see Woman Silhouette.

Mermaid Tattoo Silhouette

This is a sketched image of a beautiful mermaid with a weapon in her hand. The mix of light and dark shades complement the light background. The background of the template can be edited as per the requirements. You may also see Silhouette Vectors.

Simple Mermaid Silhouettes

These images in the template can be used as tattoos. These images are based on mythological creatures and are portrayed on a blue background. They are colored in blurred shades. You may also see Animal Silhouettes.

Vector EPS Mermaid Silhouettes

These are solid black images of mermaids, presented on a bright background. These can be used for academic projects, illustrations for various presentations and as covers for stationeries.

Baby Mermaid Silhouette

In this template, the image of a baby mermaid is presented in solid black color. The close-up image looks conspicuous with sharp features. The hair and tail of the mermaid are larger than usual.

Young Mermaid Silhouettes

This is a set of young mermaids, presented in black color. They are in action and each of the figures is depicted in a particular pose. These images can be downloaded for free from the website.

Colorful Mermaid Silhouettes

These are cute silhouettes that come in various colors. The images resemble babies and the background of these silhouettes are editable. These can be used as prints on textiles and covers of books.

Mermaid Tail Silhouettes

In this template, the focus lies on the tails of mermaids. The large tails are stylish and the figures are presented in different swimming postures. These templates can be edited and downloaded in a customized manner.

Mermaid Sitting Silhouette

This is the silhouette of a single mermaid sitting alone. The background of the template is editable and the black and white presentation of the image is elegant and attractive.

Mermaid Printable Silhouettes

If you need small, opaque and shadowy images of mermaids, you can simply download this template. There are six figures of mermaids here and you can edit the text.

Free Mermaid Silhouettes

These mermaid silhouettes are ideal for comic books and drawings. The geometrical shapes of the figures are customized for the purpose and these resemble fairy creatures swimming in the sea.

Collection of Mermaid Silhouettes

These mermaids are presented in dark, opaque shapes. They are beautiful and resemble dancing poses. You can download the template for free and use them for personalized purposes.

Mermaid Clip Art Silhouette


Cartoon Mermaid Silhouettes


Different Mermaid Silhouettes


Mermaid Silhouette With Hearts


How to use these “Mermaid Silhouettes”?

The mermaid silhouettes are available in various poses and patterns. You can edit the background texts and write your own words. These are used in various projects that have a mythological reference. Apart from these, you can also use them as beautiful illustrious backgrounds on different solid surfaces.

When you personalize them with your own texts, you can download the templates from the website and print them on the desired surface. Customize the shapes, sizes and colors of the mermaid silhouettes in lines with your requirements. You may also see Deer Silhouettes.

Whenever you need any mermaid silhouettes, you can come to the website and download the images. These are editable and you can download them in the available format. You may look out for mermaid silhouette painting here. Browse through the pages, download the templates and choose the right visual elements.

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