Innovation drives the professionals who deal with tie and dye patterns. From clothes to crafts, different objects can be painted in cool tie dye patterns. The right incorporation of colors, the right mix of shades and perfect color contrasts in the background and foreground areas make the designs complete. If you are a designer, you need to explore different variations and styles. Here are fifteen classy Cool Patterns of tie and dye designs, and you are free to download these templates from the website.

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Vector Tie Dye Pattern

If you want a good color variation in a limited space, this is the ideal color pattern for you. It consists of pink, yellow, blue and other bright colors on a deep blue background. These vector tie dye abstract patterns can be used in textiles and bags.

Boho Trippin Tie Dye Pattern

The blurring effect used in these tie and dye patterns make them look cool and attractive. A good mix of colors is evident in the floral patterns. These can be used in printed bags, table clothes, and accessories.

Download Tie Dye pattern

These patterns are ideal to be incorporated into PowerPoint presentations and projects in school. You can download the template and use it for personalised purposes. You may also see Trippy Patterns.

Tie Dye Pattern Swatches

If you need abstract tie dye patterns for artistic purposes, you carefree to use these templates. These patterns present a soft clutter of different colors.

Tie Dye Watercolor Pattern

These patterns are based on watercolor and can be used for different stationary objects. Covers of books, greeting cards, and crafts look cultured when you use these patterns.

Blue Tie Dye Textile Pattern

In case you require a seamless textile texture with the right mix of deep blue and white, download this template for free. It is a high-resolution pattern and looks elegant.

Hand-Painted Tie Dye Pattern

This hand-painted tie and dye pattern has circular patches. The blue and white colors are incorporated within these patches to deliver a modern concept of designing.

Tie Dye Heart Pattern

This pattern resembles a heart and there are a number of layers of colors around the core. Vibrant colors, including red, yellow and blue have been used in the template.

Elegant Tie Dye Pattern

If you look out for some of the best abstract ideas in dark shades, this is the right pattern that you can download. The incorporation of light patches makes it even more attractive.

Red Tie Dye Pattern Photoshop

Fashionable clothes often incorporate funky color combinations. In this template, different shades of red are incorporated in appropriate proportions to craft a creative pattern.

Abstract Tie Dye Pattern


Abstract tie and dye patterns are incorporated mostly in clothes and home-décor fabrics. This pattern has a blue and violet-based floral pattern in the backdrop. You can edit the text in the centre.

Photoshop Tie Dye Pattern

Photoshopped images and graphics are very much in vogue. You can use them after downloading. In this pattern, the perfect use of vibrant colors makes the template beautiful.

Tie Dye Swirl Pattern


This is a nice pattern, with various colors radiating from the core. The swirling pattern is extensively used in greeting cards and you can even incorporate texts within the pattern.

Tie Dye Clipart pattern

These clipart patterns of tie and dye themes can be used for various formal and informal purposes. A number of colours have been used in circular patches in this template.

Set of Tie Dye Patterns

This template presents an entire set of tie and dye patterns. The mix of colors and design are perfect, making these patterns ideal for clothes and stationary objects.

Seamless Tie Dye Pattern

Psychedelic Tie Dye Swirl Pattern

Tie Dye Ethnic Fabric Pattern

How to use these “Tie Dye Patterns”?

The tie dye PSD patterns available on this website are vast and varied. You can download any of these templates for free and use it for creative designing. From clothes to carpets and from greeting cards to book covers, these patterns can be tailored for any purpose. Make sure that you use the right pattern in the right place, so that no mismatch is visible in terms of color contrasts. All these templates are available free of cost, so you can download as many design patterns as you require.

Designing lives on innovation and creative incorporation of colors. You can explore the website for different color contrasts to suit your purpose. New colour blends are much in use in Photoshop and other software. You are free to search through various categories in the website and download these templates for customized use. You may also see Zentangle Patterns.

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