Paisley pattern is an old design which originated in Kashmir. The design is made from weaving the gold and silver strings with the Persian silk brocade. It is known for making use of the boteh style with Persian roots. Boteh or Buta is a vegetable motif in the shape of a droplet. Simple paisley patterns are used extensively for fabric designing, wallpapers, frame patterns, etc. The below-listed designs are some of the most popular paisley patterns.

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Geometric Paisley Pattern

The geometric design uses shapes like squares, circles, triangles, etc. for filling the buta motif. This paisley pattern is very basic yet attractive in its appeal. It is used in some fabric designs as well.

Colorful Geometric Paisley Pattern

Seamless Geometric Paisley Pattern

Hand-Drawn Paisley Pattern

The paisley patterns are available in hand drawn designs as well. These styles have a personal touch to it. The colors are also painted with hands and therefore, neatness is not perfect.

Free Hand-Drawn Paisley Pattern

Vector Hand-Drawn Paisley Pattern

Seamless Paisley Pattern

Simple paisley patterns are available in seamless designs also. These seamless patterns are majorly used for designing clothing products. The shapes and figures are tied together with certain common elements and colors.

Colorful Seamless Paisley Pattern

Vector Seamless Paisley Pattern

Floral Paisley Pattern

The floral style is one of the most common designs. Paisley patterns also incorporate these floral designs. Multiple color patterns are used along in several flowers and leaves inside the boteh.

Vintage Floral Paisley Pattern

Simple Floral Paisley Pattern

Printable Paisley Pattern

All the paisley patterns are available as printable designs on the internet. These designs can be downloaded in the printable formats like jpg or PDF for no cost. There are specific websites that offer high quality printable paisley pattern images.

EPS Printable Paisley Pattern

Paisley Vector Patterns

Various vectors are available for download. Paisley patterns are free for download in the vector style. They are downloadable in attractive vector styles for free. You can download several paisley patterns in both intricate and simple styles.

Free Vector Paisley Pattern

Ornate Vector Paisley Pattern

Bandana Paisley Patterns

Paisley patterns are used for sarees and similar clothing. These are known as the bandana designs. The pattern follows intricate styling and traditional colors in the buta motif. These are used in ethnic clothing.

Free Bandana Paisley Pattern

Vector Bandana Paisley Pattern

Simple Paisley Patterns

There are many paisley patterns designed in a simple and elegant style. These patterns do not have much detailing inside the motif. The design includes a lot of open space around the buta and a colorful pattern.

Vector Paisley Pattern

Decorative Paisley Pattern

Abstract Paisley Patterns

The abstract styles include a mixture of colors and shapes. The figures are combined together in such a way that it gives an abstract look to the buta and the surrounding pattern. These are very popular patterns for wallpapers.

Vector Abstract Paisley Pattern

Colorful Abstract Paisley Pattern

Vintage Paisley Patterns

Vintage look is the preferred style for wallpapers. The paisley designs look beautiful in the vintage look. Pastel colors like grey, pale, peach, light brown, etc. are used in the vintage paisley patterns.

Colorful Vintage Paisley Pattern

EPS Vintage Paisley Pattern

Paisley Pattern Designs

There are different styles of paisley patterns available on the internet. These designs include the chief element buta or boteh along with intricate weaving of the shiny gold or silver threads.

Free Vector Paisley Pattern Design

Free Paisley Pattern Design

High-Quality Paisley Patterns

These paisley pattern vectors are downloadable in high quality jpg format files. You can obtain these files for free in various sizes and landscape or portrait form. You can get brilliant paisley patterns in high quality pictures.

Vector High-Quality Paisley Pattern

Free High-Quality Paisley Pattern

Colorful Paisley Patterns

Paisley patterns are usually found in traditional maroon, red, gold, and silver colors. But the contemporary designs include a number of colors for weaving the details. These are very trendy and are used as latest wallpapers.

Free Colorful Paisley Pattern

Vector Colorful Paisley Pattern

Free Paisley Patterns

You can download stylish and elegant paisley designs for free from the web. Specific websites concern themselves with the uploading of free paisley patterns in high resolution jpg files for no cost.

Free Paisley Pattern

Vector Paisley Pattern Designs

Black and White Paisley Pattern

The paisley designs are also available in the classic black and white colors. These are very popular in the clothing industry. The simple paisley patterns are elegant and trendy as well.

Free Black and White Paisley Pattern

Simple Black and White Paisley Pattern

Paisley Flower Patterns

There are varied patterns that combine the figures of buta and flowers in a single design. These patterns are a stylish combination of the two common patterns of paisley and flowers. It is an attractive design.

Paisley Flower Pattern Design

Vector Flower Paisley Pattern

Indian Paisley Patterns

The paisley patterns are known to have originated from India. Several sarees and ethnic clothing of India are created in the ethnic paisley patterns. The traditional colors are used for this design.

Vector Indian Paisley Pattern

Free Indian Paisley Pattern

Traditional Paisley Patterns

There are many societies that weave the paisley pattern in their traditional clothing products. The buta is quite common in India, Persia, Pakistan, and nearby countries. It uses royal colors like maroon and silver or gold.

Free Traditional Paisley Pattern

Simple Traditional Paisley Pattern

High-Resolution Paisley Pattern

The paisley pattern are found in high resolution images. You can download these high resolution pictures for creating a wallpaper without any pixel getting disturbed. These simple paisley patterns are free for download in a high pixel quality.

Vector High-Resolution Paisley Pattern

High-Resolution Paisley Pattern Design

Paisley Background Patterns

The paisley designs are extensively used for wallpapers. The separate category for paisley background patterns are available on the internet. Find a suitable paisley pattern vector for decorating your wall.

Seamless Paisley Pattern Background

Paisley Background Pattern Design

Paisley pattern is an ancient style created with the chief element called the buta or boteh. The buta is surrounded by intricate detailing from silver or gold colored threads. Many patterns like floral, geometric, vintage, etc. are found in these paisley patterns. You can download them as high quality jpg files from the net for free.

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