Are you fond of whimsical patterns? Do you happen to like polka dots? Are you tired of the usual polka dot designs you’ve seen so far? Then look no further for we offer you the best  and freshest polka dot patterns, which are ready to use for editing or printing purposes. Feel free to check our Free Pattern Designs offers for more assortments to choose from.

Don’t forget to download the pattern you are eyeing on! These downloadable treats come in PSD, Vector EPS, and PNG file formats which are universal, readable formats for editing, overlaying and printing.

Seamless Polka Dot Pattern

Seamless Polka Dot Pattern

Polka Dot Fabric Pattern

Polka Dot Fabric Pattern

Polka Dot Pattern Vector

Polka Dot Pattern Vector


Black and White Polka Dot Pattern

Black and White Polka Dot Pattern

Vintage Polka Dot Pattern

Vintage Polka Dot Pattern


On The Dot

You probably have seen a couple of Dot Patterns at one point in your mother’s closet or perhaps, you own a piece that you’ve sported some time in your childhood. We say, be proud! Because even the Chinese believe in this pattern to be symbolic for good luck and money-making. Cha-ching!

With today’s technological advancements, patterns can easily be created by graphic designers through graphic design interface for personal or commercial use. The amazing thing is, they are now sharing these wonderful ready-to-use work pieces for everybody to take advantage of, and they’re often times free!

Here’s to help you classify and select the polka dot patterns we offer:

  • If you are looking for a printable or editable pattern for your web or graphic designs, the perfect selections for this are Seamless Polka Dot Pattern, Polka Dot Pattern Vector , Colorful Polka Dot Pattern, Polka Dot Blue Pattern, and Black and White Polka Dot Pattern.
  • Mad for vintage feels? Polka Dot Fabric Pattern, Vintage Polka Dot Pattern, and Classic Polka Dot Pattern are the way to go.
  • Want something fresh and artsy? Hand-Drawn Polka Dot Pattern, and Sketchy Polka Dot Pattern are the perfect go-to patterns!

Classic Polka Dot Pattern

Classic Polka Dot Pattern

Colorful Polka Dot Pattern

Colorful Polka Dot Pattern


Hand-Drawn Polka Dot Pattern

Hand Drawn Polka Dot Pattern


Polka Dot Blue Pattern

Polka Dot Blue Pattern

Sketchy Polka Dot Patterns

Sketchy Polka Dots Pattern


Connecting the Dots

Polka Dot pattern was first seen worn by miss America in 1926. Since then, it has become a whimsical and iconic mark. Then sprung the pin up trend, and up to this very day we still see the these polka dots used for whatever design purpose it may serve. It has been worn by iconic celebrities and incorporated into the lyrics of a song. The pattern is eye-catching. Plus, they also come in patterns ranging from static and undeviating to being visually erratic.

Collect and Select

So, if you are asking yourself what exactly you’re getting out of these offers, here’s are the highlights:

  • The collection of patterns we are offering are the best of the best. We offer a variation of patterns that will surely suit your specific design needs. Simply perfect for any occasion!
  • These patterns come in PSD, Vector EPS and PNG format download, which means it is compatible to whatever platform you decide on using.
  • These ready-to-use patterns can be applied on any design, be it for web or graphic design and is also printable.

Have you chosen a pattern that may come in handy for a design you have in mind? Don’t hesitate in downloading your best pick! And while you’re on it, do check our Cute Pattern Designs as well, they’re as whimsical as these polka dot patterns. You’ll surely have fun with it as well.

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