Tribal pattern is the new trend in many spheres like the fashion industry, stationery industry, and several other fields. You can find various tribal patterns in the latest range of clothes by top designers. Gifting brands also use these tribal prints for their new products. New wall painting styles are available in stylish pattern background. You can also use these patterns to make DIY gift items or paint your walls or create your own style of clothing. Given below is a list of the 20 most intriguing tribal patterns to look out for.

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Aztec Tribal Patterns

Aztec is one of the most popular tribal patterns used today. It has been in use for a long time and has become a favorite for the fashion industry. Varied vibrant colors are used. This style includes different geometric shapes.

Aztec Mayan Tribal Pattern Vector

Aztec Navajo Seamless Pattern

Vector Tribal Patterns

Vectors are available for all the tribal patterns on the internet. You can easily download the jpeg files of the pattern vectors for your use from the sites like vecteezy. These images are available in many sizes.

Decorative Tribal Pattern

Colorful Tribal Feather Pattern

Printable Tribal Patterns

The pattern backgrounds are available as printable files. They can be downloaded from the web for absolutely no cost. Make use of these tribal patterns for free and highlight your creativity.

Wrapping Tribal Folk Pattern

Colorful African Tribal Pattern

Hawaiian Tribal Patterns

The Hawaii Islands are known for their tribal appeal. The pattern backgrounds inspired by Hawaiian regions chiefly employ green and yellow colors. The style consists of a beachy look with coconuts and beach sands.

Hawaiian Kakau Tattoo Pattern

Hawaiian Tribal Borders Pattern

Hipster Tribal Patterns

The hipster look is quite popular among masses. The tribal pattern for the hipster has a loud design with bright and neon colors. There are many contrasting colors and varied shapes like squares and triangles used in this style.

Hipster Seamless Colorful Tribal Pattern

Elegant Hipster Tribal Pattern

Black and White Tribal Patterns

The classic tribal patterns black and white are a principal design used in the fashion industry. The pattern uses only the two colors and is designed with different geometric shapes or warli styles or stick figures.

Ethnic Tribal Black and White Pattern

Hand-Drawn Tribal Black and White Pattern

Free Tribal Patterns

The internet offers you many kinds of tribal patterns for no cost at all. You can download these patterns as jpeg or PDF format files and use them for your creative purposes.

Tribal Patterns Graphics Vector

Download Free Tribal Patterns

Seamless Tribal Patterns

There are a few patterns that use a cohesive design employing only some shapes and colors. The designs are mostly colored in the shades of one particular color and only 3-4 shapes are used consistently.

Abstract Seamless Tribal Patterns

Fully Editable Tribal Pattern

Abstract Tribal Patterns

You can also find tribal patterns in the form of an abstract painting. These patterns are made of less segregating designs and colors are merged together in an abstract manner.

Abstract Tribal Ethnic Pattern

Photoshop Abstract Tribal Pattern

Watercolor Tribal Patterns

Tribal patterns are also found painted in watercolors. The designs consist of mingling colors blended together with water. The simple tribal pattern of rectangles, triangles, circles, etc. is followed.

Hand Painted Tribal Watercolor Patterns

Watercolored Striped Tribal Pattern

Tribal Vector Patterns

The vector styles for tribal patterns are made from a bit different design from the regular styles. They are available in black & white, shades of single color, blended double colors, and many colors designs. These vectors can be downloaded for free.

Beautiful Tribal Pattern

Collection of Tribal Separators Pattern

Geometric Tribal Patterns

The geometric shapes like circle, semi – circle, triangles, thick and thin lines, rectangles, etc. are used for this tribal pattern. Every shape is painted in a different color for making it colorful.

8 Tribal Geometric Patterns

Geometric Ornament Tribal Pattern

Colorful Tribal Patterns

Tribal pattern backgrounds use many colors in bright and dull shades. The design for this pattern consists of many intermingling colors filled in different shapes. This style is another popular design used in the fashion zone.

4 Colorful Tribal Background Patterns

Colorful Pattern in Tribal Style

Girly Tribal Patterns

As the name suggests, the girly tribal patterns use girlish color combinations like pink and white, red and white, yellow and red, etc. Tribal patterns black and white are also created in girly patterns.

Girly Digital Paper Tribal Patterns

Old Style Pink Tribal Pattern

Tribal Striped Patterns

The evergreen striped pattern is very common. This tribal pattern uses many colors for drawing stripes. Lines are drawn in horizontal, vertical or slanting patterns. The tribal pattern black and white stripes are quite popular since old times.

Decorative Tribal Striped Ornament Patterns

Deep Blue Tribal Striped Pattern

Tribal Ethnic Patterns

The ethnic pattern is made from traditional designs with varied shapes joined together. The latest line of ethnic clothing employs this tribal pattern with the blend of conventional styles and contemporary colors.

Native American Ethnic Pattern Vector

Tribal Ethnic Pattern Free Vector

Tribal Quilt Patterns

Products like quilts are also available in simple tribal patterns. These quilts use the simplest designs like regular striped lines or warli arts for the pattern background. The design is simple yet elegant.

Easy Tribal Quilt Pattern

Tribal Geometric Bold Quilt Pattern

Tribal Fabric Patterns

Many fabrics are available in tribal patterns of varied hues. The tri-color and Aztec pattern designs are very commonly found. The black and white vertical stripes tribal pattern is another popular style.

Home Decor Tribal Fabric Pattern

Ethnic Fabric Patterns

Tribal Pattern Designs

All these tribal designs are downloadable for free on the internet. You can search for tribal pattern designs and download the jpeg files very easily. They are the latest trend.

Tribal Design Vector Geometrical Pattern

Download Tribal Pattern Design

African Tribal Patterns

The world famous African tribal patterns are inspired from the relatively fashionable African tribes. These people are known to wear a mixture of bright and dull solid colors. The design does not make use of any specific pattern style.

African Tribal Mask Pattern

Fabulous African Tribal Pattern

Tribal patterns are the latest popular pattern designs. They have earned great popularity because of the variety and colors that they have. Many of these patterns are used in the fashion industry for creating clothes. Many stationery brands also use these pattern backgrounds for creating innovative product designs for notebooks, pens, etc.

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