Patterns and design always astonish us. Particularly, Psychedelic designs mesmerize us so much that we tend to keep looking at them for many minutes continuously. Trippy Cool Patterns are one such set of designs that are highly astonishing. They stun the onlooker through their amazing colors and reflections. Easy Trippy Designs are available for the users to use for all purposes they deem fit to use. Trippy patterns Tumblr are amazing designs to be used as computer wallpaper

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High-Quality Trippy Pattern

High-Quality Trippy Free Patterns displays a psychedelic effect that reflects smoking weeds. It is a high acid pattern which is both colorful and attractive. This can be used in Powerpoint presentation slides.


Trippy Geometric Pattern

Trippy Geometric Pattern is a trippy colored abstract geometric pattern which is retro style. The highly fashionable pattern is geometric for looks and can be used for decorative purposes

Black and White Trippy Pattern

Black and White Pattern is a highly abstract enigmatic trippy pattern that can be used by users to adorn their walls as wall hangings. It is in simple black and white combination

Simple Trippy Patterns

Simple Trippy Pattern is a seamless pattern which looks obnoxious. It is a 128X128 pixel creation and looks highly simple. These are unrealistic and non-grungy textures which can be used as backgrounds


Trippy Moving Pattern

Trippy Moving Pattern is a beautifully designed pattern that involves motion which is highly rhythmic and sequential. This moving pattern can be used as Power point backgrounds

Seamless Trippy Pattern

Seamless Trippy Pattern is an astounding pattern that is seamless in nature. The minute details captured in this design are mind-boggling and can be used as wall hangings in sophisticated places

Trippy Wallpaper Pattern

Trippy Wallpaper Pattern is an absolutely mesmerizing pattern that is highly psychedelic in nature. The color combination with which this pattern is designed makes it a good choice for using as wallpaper


Acrylic Trippy Pattern

The acrylic trippy pattern displays an absolutely stunning design in bright color combination. The design is both simple and abstract. This pattern can be used as wall paper in computers

Trippy HD Cubes Pattern

Trippy HD Cubes Pattern is a seamless pattern that captures binocle trippy cubes in an abstract manner. This is an elegant design that is highly suitable to be used as computer wall papers

Trippy Photoshop Pattern

Trippy Photoshop Pattern displays flower of life design which looks highly psychedelic. The sacred geometry calculations involved in creating this artistic pattern makes it a great choice of wallpaper

Nice Rad Trippy Patterns

Nice Rad Trippy Patterns displays multiple numbers of trippy patterns that are highly colorful and psychedelic for looks. These patterns can be used by the users for multiple purposes they deem fit

High-Resolution Trippy Pattern

High-Resolution trippy pattern is a set of patterns that get displayed in a mind-boggling manner. The psychedelic effect of these patterns is absolutely amazing.


Glowing Spiral Decorative Pattern

The glowing spiral decorative pattern is a high-resolution background that displays a glowing flower which spirals from the center. This is a decorative pattern that can be used for decorative purposes

Customized Trippy Pattern

The customized trippy pattern is a seamless design in black and white. The illusion that this pattern creates in three-dimensional effects is absolutely abstract. This can be used as wall hanging

Fully Editable Trippy Pattern


How to use these “Trippy Patterns”?

Trippy patterns can be used to adorn the walls of areas that are highly sophisticated in nature. These patterns can fit in perfectly in the lounges and lobbies of star hotels, gelling with their interiors in a perfect manner. Trippy patterns which are highly psychedelic in nature can also be used by Psychiatrists and Psychologists for treating methodologies. These patterns can adorn the walls of receptions which have stunning interiors. Trippy Patterns can also be used as backgrounds in Computer screens. The colorful manners in which these patterns have been created make them stand high among the other similar patterns created.

Many of these Trippy patterns can be downloaded for free of cost by users. Trippy Patterns are available in different sizes and provide the option of choosing the size to the users since many of them are seamless in nature. Astonish your guest at home with these mesmerizing Trippy Patterns. You may also see Zentangle Patterns.

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