In this age of social media, social media following and selfies, it is no wonder that the internet has, as of the past decade, been littered with all kinds of pictures—from adorable snaps of strangers’ fur babies to the weirdest shots you can find in the darkest part of the web. Among those is the quite crudely, though strangely aptly named, foodporn.

Any of you who have a genuine love and respect for food or some degree of appreciation for highly glamorized shots of them, are gonna love these pictures. They are absolutely free to download and are definitely not your average Portrait Photography.

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Professional Food Photography


Cherries And Pears Food Photography


Organic Food Photography


Take a breather from all theBaby Photography and those lovey-dovey shots you see on a daily basis.

Perhaps some inspiration and maybe a little bit of diversion are just what you need! With this varied selection of free downloadable food photos, you can have just that and more. While you’re at it, you may want to take note of these as pointers for your next slew of Instagramables.

  • Find the light. This is the most important and the most readily available resource for you food photogs-actually, all photogs in general. No surprise. It showcases the subject of your snaps, highlights the features needed.
  • Go for shadow. While seemingly counterproductive, especially after the first pointer, playing with shadows is anything but. It gives the subject of your photo depth and dimension. You wouldn’t want your photos to look flat and two-dimensional, right? Unless, of course, you like the cartoonish appearance.
  • KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Evident in the number of food photographs here for your perusal is the element of simplicity. No crazy editing, no outrageous filters. After all, you want the attention on the star, the scrumptious food. As Gordon Ramsay puts it, making it the “hero of the dish.”

Rustic Food Photography


Cupcake Food Photography


Olives Food Photography

Chopsticks Food Photography


Seasonal Food Photography


Food Is Love, Food Is Life

While you may not exactly be a professional photographer or a food photography buff . . .

While you may not exactly be a professional photographer or a food photography buff . . .

Though you may never be interested in a foray into the realm of food photography or photography in general . . .

You might not even have an account in Instagram or Pinterest or the patience to keep up with daily foodporn posts and pins . . .

But one thing’s for certain: food is universal. Everyone needs it; everyone wants it. People love making it; people love consuming it.

As there will, of course, be those who could care less for the lighting in a restaurant or the potential like-ability of a shot of a pancake stack doused with maple syrup, the appreciation for the subject itself will always be there. There isn’t anyone in the world who won’t grow hungry at the mere sight of a cheese and/or deli platter right next to a bucket of chicken wings. Whether the photo features a subject that’s high in cholesterol or fiber, there will be an audience ooh-ing and aah-ing.

So go ahead and download these beautiful free food photos. Get your fill. (But if you’re up for a different kind of refreshment, you can check out our Rain Photography collection instead.)

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