Your baby is on the way, and you’re left wondering, What else is there to do while I wait for my little sea monkey [nickname optional] to get here? Well, with all the rather unappealing aspects of the road to motherhoodthe constant nausea, the random mood changes, the weird cravings, the swollen feet, to name a few—you might think there isn’t really much you can do, right?

We think otherwise.

Two words: photo op. It is the perfect time to grab that camera and show off that bump! After all, what self-respecting baby mama doesn’t take thousands of, say, Nature Photography stills of herself and her growing belly to show her friends?

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Pregnancy Beach Photography


Pregnancy Newborn Photography


Maternity Pregnancy Photography


Whether you are newly expecting or are with your second or third or fourth child, it doesn’t really matter. You can certainly get some photography ideas here.

A bonus for all the new mothers out there as well: If you have yet to make your announcements, you can glean some inspiration here. Then you can schedule that photo shoot (or you know, just convince your husband or anyone else in your immediate family with a bit of photography know-how), slap on the words “We’re having a baby!” and send them out as invites to your baby shower or even just as a memento.

This is also the perfect time to develop your baby book . . . Well, your baby+you book. You can record a timelapse of sorts, starting from your first trimester all the way up to the birth and then on to your bundle of joy’s first twelve months. These photos will find great homes in the thousands of albums that one of your aunts is bound to give as baby shower present.

For some of you who may also be walking down the aisle with your mini-me in tow, you may check out these Modern Wedding Photography stills.

Pregnancy Announcement Photography


Indoor Pregnancy Photography


Pregnancy Family Photography


Pre-Pregnancy Photography


There are plenty of options as to how you can go about with your quest for the perfect pregnancy photo. You can go with any of the following (just as you see in the pictures here):

  • Minimalist. With maybe a stark white backdrop and just you and your bump front and center.
  • Outdoorsy. Be more adventurous (as adventurous as you can be, given that you are carrying life inside you), go outside, lie down on a soft patch of grass, and let the sun hit your skin. Natural lighting photographs well, of course.
  • Artsy. Play around with shadows and negative space. Beach Photography for example. Opt for a silhouette, with the sunset in all its blue-and-orange glory in the background.
  • Fun and playful. Use a bunch of stuff lying around in your home as props for a more sketch-type of still. Maybe include puns and wordplay. Or you can also opt for more candid stills, say, you and your family huddled together laughing.

However all this goes, whether you even decide to have those photos or not, remember to enjoy your pregnancy. Crazy things happening in your body aside, it’s still nothing short of miraculous.

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