You have freehand class, and by some peculiar turn in your professor’s cerebral cogs (my obnoxious way of saying, “Your teacher be cray cray”), she tells you to turn in five different sketches of a bee. You can interpret her instructions however you want, and you can have as many creative liberties as you want. So now you’re faced with a challenge.

But perhaps this collection of 9+ beautiful bee drawings (not these Bird Drawings ) can help you out with that. These bee drawings come with different illustrations and are drawn from different perspectives by different artists. They are available for JPG download.

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Watercolor Bumble Bee Drawing

Honey Bee Drawing


Cartoon Bee Drawing


Bee Line Drawing


Flying Bee Drawing

BEEautiful Bee Drawings of All Kinds

Though not offering much in the way of the chosen subject matter like these Butterfly Drawings (I mean, it’s obvious that they’re all bees and not much else is there), these bee sketches are more than a handful of Cartoon Drawings. Also, they still offer quite a variety; they come in different styles and are illustrated with various mediums and methods.

  • Black and white

Don’t you get amazed when you come across different illustrations that contain so much detail—much like seeing the real thing through a magnifying glass or a microscope—but not at all producing an output that looks like it was merely piled on with different elements? I feel like that’s the case with “Honey Bee Drawing,” “Bee Pencil Drawing,” and “Realistic Bee Drawing.”

  • Colorful creations

There are also ones here that, like the above mentioned, are as good as the real-life counterparts—only this time, they’re colored. All you have to do is pore over this collection of bee sketches and see “Watercolor Bumble Bee Drawing” and “Flying Bee Drawing” to be able to agree with me.

  • Outline overload

And you also get a few good old outline bee illustrations with “Bee Line Drawing” and “Bee Outline Drawing.”

Bee Outline Drawing


Bee Pencil Drawing


Realistic Bee Drawing


 Simple Bee Drawing


How-To’s with These Bee Drawings

Perhaps you won’t agree with me when I say that these bee drawings are more than just a few Pencil Drawings to be inspired by. (Granted, a few of them are drawn with markers, created with watercolor, or are digitally produced.) But humor me for a bit, and let me clue you in on the following:

  • Ready-made coloring page

Pass your idle time by compiling separate coloring pages into a handy, dandy DIY coloring book for your (inner) kiddo. This “Bee Line Drawing” will make for a great addition to your insect-themed compilation.

  • Display photo

Sometimes, we take advantage of our social media accounts to relay certain messages a la PSA or ad campaign. Spread the good news about honey by using “Flying Bee Drawing” as your profile picture or cover photo. You can even go so far as to feature it in your blog with a 500-word article appended to it.

  • Design inspiration

If you happen to have a healthy appreciation (read obsession) for the little critters in question and you’re looking to get yourself inked, a great “base tat” would be “Easy Bee Drawing.” Then you can tell your tattoo artist to embellish away! However, if you don’t want something that permanent, a good brooch may be in order. Present “Simple Bee Drawing” to your jeweler to have your bee-dazzling adornment custom made.


But whatever you decide to do—download or not—know that you won’t regret going with the former. So go ahead and check out those links!

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