Are you working on a project that’s due in a few days? Do you want to finish that art project in no time so you can maximize your time with other tasks? Lastly, do you want to deliver a project that can also be submitted electronically with the best resolution possible? If I heard you say a strong “yes” to these three questions, then you’ve arrived at the right page that will be able to cover all that. Stay with us and scroll through our gallery of downloadable cute cow clip arts which you can add to your concept or build around with.

These downloadable files are available in EPS, JPG and PNG formats for easy editing. Don’t exit without downloading your pick. In addition, if you want to see our cartoon gallery, you can always check our Cartoon Clip Arts listing as well.

Black and White Cow Clip Art

Black and White Cow Clip Art


Cow Face Clip Art

Cow Face Clip Art


Cow Silhouette Clip Art

Cow Silhouette Clip Art


Cow Animated Clip Art

Cow Animated Clip Art


Eyes Here

  • Moo-re to it

The black and white approach is as clear as can be. It’s a perfect visual reference to teach your kids or students fun facts about this particular animal. Make them appreciate these creatures even more than just by looking at the milk cartons at breakfast with the “Black and White Cow Clip Art”.

  • Head On

Cows come in different colors and not just in the typical black and white. Show them the other shade, specifically brown, with the “Cow Face Clip Art”. You may use this for another purpose too, such as invitation cards.

  • Guessing Game

Silhouette image adds a mysterious accent that you play mystery with the kids. Initiate a guessing game using silhouettes of animals like as the “Cow Silhouette Clip Art”. The class or your kid will enjoy this game for sure!

  • Caught in the Act

The best illustration for kids to recognize this farm animal is when it is shown in its typical nature– surrounded with grass and well, you’ve guessed it, eating them too which is adorably shown in the “Cow Eating Grass Clip Art”.


Other animal clip arts include Frog Clip Arts. You can check them out for yourself as well shortly after this.

Free Cow Cartoon Clip Art

Free Cow Cartoon Clip Art


Cute White Cow Clip Art

Cow Spots Clip Art


Cow Outline Clip Art

Cow Outline Clip Art


Creativity Expansion

  • Top it all off with these clip arts.

Clip arts are charming details to layer over a plain surface or texture; it will fill your presentation with the necessary fun. 

  • Send them electronically.

We are so lucky to be living in the technology age, where communication is made easy and convenient. You can send, say, a greeting or invitation card to people that are far away.

  • Inspire the class.

Art class is one of the stress relieving classes in grade school. As an instructor, it pays to have new lessons to teach or projects for the students to do. They have to be up-to-date and relevant. Inspire the class with your own output using these clip arts and make them do their very own.


Now that you’ve learned a thing or two about how these clip arts can be used, I’m sure you’ve finally arrived at a decision regarding which items to download. We also have something for the holiday season that may come in handy. You can find them in our Holiday Clip Arts listing. So, check that out as well after you’ve downloaded your personal faves from this list.

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