Clip arts are fun little details or accessories to add on a regular surface aside from messages. It can come in handy for projects or casual messaging through chat or email. If you are looking for a quirky smiley face clip art to use for the mentioned purposes, browse through our list to know more about what we have in store for you. Our assortments are easy to download and they’re printable too!

Do not forget to download your chosen clip art before you exit the page. The files are supported by JPG, PNG, and Vector EPS for easy saving and editing. In addition, if you are on a tight budget or would like to try out some samples first, then click here to see our  Free Clip Art Borders listing.

Big Smiley Face Clip Art

Big Smiley Face Clip Art


Crazy Smiley Face Clip Art

Crazy Smiley Face Clipart


Thankyou Smiley Face Clip Art

Thankyou Smiley Face Clip Art


Sad Smiley Face Clip Art

Sad Smiley Face Clip Art


Emoticon Invasion

Emoticons are turning 35 this 2017. That’s how old it is. Can you still remember the first time you started using the iconic 🙂 and 🙁 ? I’m sure that was long ago. This global phenomenon has become prevalent in every messaging application being used these days e.g., Facebook, which is a big brand in the social media platforms.

That Just Happened

Emoticons are used to set a tone of a statement or question, but its use doesn’t end there, read on to know more about their other uses.

  • If you are looking for a good image file resolution for a patch accessory, which has been trending lately, then the “Big Smiley Face Clip Art”, “Crazy Smiley Face Clip Art”, “Angry Smiley Face Clip Art”, and “Funny Smiley Face Clip Art” are the perfect choices to go for.
  • Cheer someone up with our ” Sunshine Smiley Face Clip Art” or greet your special someone with the “Valentine’s Smiley Face Clip Art” on your love note.

For more options, you may also want to check our Cartoon Cliparts which will interest you too.

Funny Smiley Face Clip Art

Funny Smiley Face Clip Art


Surprised Smiley Face Clip Art

Surprised Smiley Face Clip Art


Valentine’s Smiley Face Clip Art

Valentine Smiley Face Clip Art


Black & White Smiley Face Clip Art

Black & White Smiley Face Clip Art


Smileys Everywhere

Clip arts are typographical presentations created in different mediums, used for personal or commercial purposes, ranging from facial expressions to a variety of different symbols. But, the simple smiley face expressions will never go out of style. This timeless clipart will continue to stick around as long as it is being used.

Here’s a list of possible ideas where these emoticon clip arts can be used (other than with texts):

  • Patch it up

Patches were known as a fad but it made its way back today. Download your favorite emoticon, head on to an embroidery shop and turn these regular design clipart to a quirky patch accessory.

  • Greeting Card

Can’t figure out what to give as a present to your loved one on their special day? Then make your own greeting card by mixing it up with these fun smileys clipart. You may also want to check more stuff for the hearts day which we also offer in our Valentine Clip Arts listing.

  • Decor

Planning a party? Then add these quirky smileys– hang or stick them on the wall for some fun decor.

  • Statement Shirt

Throw on a bold statement shirt with any of these emoticons printed (in a large scale).


So there you have it! Did these smiley emoticon clip arts make you smile? Do you know any other creative ways to use them? Then don’t go just yet without downloading this adorable collection.

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