Do you have to work on some sort of interactive design featuring a heavily congested urban scene or a populated stadium for your graphic design class? Are you in dire need of some people vectors for said project? Do you simply need a handful of people clip arts for a school report? You can stop your search right here.

You have all that you need in this collection of people clip arts! These Free Clipart Images are available for download in SVG, PNG, GIF, JPG, etc. formats, and they come in a number of different designs and styles to suit our needs! Keep scrolling down to see what we have to offer.

Group of People Clip Art

Group of People Clipart


People Silhouette Clip Art

People Silhouette Clipart


Office People Clipart

Office People Clipart

Business People Clip Art

Business People Clipart


People Clip Arts from Different Artists

As you can see in our collection of people clip arts, we have featured quite a variety of styles from different creators. Not only is it interesting to see how far off some are compared to others, but it is also nice to have them collectively in this colorful mishmash of people vectors.

  • Minimalist

If you are more partial to keeping things neat, precise, and simple, you may opt for “Free People Clipart” or “Group of People Clipart.” (The latter, though, kind of makes me think about what the Powerpuff girls would look like if they were transformed into chess pawns.) Another in a group of threes is the “People Cartoon Clipart.” But if you want something that shows a larger group, here’s “Crowd of People Clipart.”

  • Hand-drawn and detailed

Of course, who wouldn’t appreciate good-quality hand-drawn people vectors? Take “Office People Clipart” and/or “Simple People Clipart,” add a few Free Birthday Cliparts and Cartoon Cliparts, and you’ll have yourself a party!

  • Silhouette

The thing about silhouettes is that they have the simplicity part down, yet they’re still detailed enough that you know what you’re supposed to be looking at. Check out “People Silhouette Clipart” and “Business People Clipart” if you want proof.

People Cartoon Clip Art

People Cartoon Clipart


Simple People Clip Art

Simple People Clipart

Free People Clip Art

Free People Clipart


Colorful People Clip Art

People Colorful Clipart

Nothing Short of Useful

Because I know that you can get quite crafty and creative if you want to (well, maybe even if you don’t), I bet you’ve already thought about the tens of different ways for which you plan on using these people clip arts. But as always, here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Graphic design projects

Like I said initially, you can use these people vectors for whatever graphic design project you’re working on—whether or not it’s a logo design, an interactive design for your company’s web landing page, an interactive training module on IT safety, and the list goes on.

  • School projects and reports

If you’re giving a report on, say, the several different professions available, you can definitely use “Colorful People Clipart.” If it has something to do with everyday, street fashion, perhaps go for “Simple People Clipart.”

  • Scrapbooking material

You just can’t have too many scrapbooking décor or decorative cutouts on hand, can you? Use any of the people clip arts made available to you in this collection, and litter your crafts projects with them!


Now that you have your options and some suggestions, you can proceed with the fun part of downloading! Maybe check out these Free Cliparts for Teachers as well for good measure!

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