When you hear or read the word teacher somewhere, what comes to your mind? Perhaps to some of you, a certain name will pop up in your head. Whether you remember that particular name for the right or wrong reasons, we can all agree on two things: teachers are memorable, and they’ve helped mold us into the people we are today.

What better way to celebrate these superb individuals than to dedicate an entire collection clip arts to them? Like these Pencil Cliparts, these 9+ cool teacher clip arts come in different styles and designs, and they’re available for download in JPG, PNG, etc. formats. Check them out for yourself!

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Free Teacher Clipart


Animated Teacher Clipart


Angry Teacher Clipart


Dance Teacher Clipart


Funny Teacher Clipart


What Is a Teacher?

To better get a grasp of just how important teachers are, a good place to start would be to ask, “What is a teacher?” And to answer that question, I’m gonna let these teacher Cartoon Cliparts back me up.

  • Dutiful educator

Whether it is in the subject of math, English, science, home economics, history, or art, teachers are gonna go above and beyond to prepare: They may have to research and look through various reading material when they’re not familiar with a certain topic, as in “Free Teacher Clipart.” They may have to pay close attention to every single student’s progress, like in “Music Teacher Clipart,” to make sure that they understood everything. All those efforts, of course, point to the teacher’s ultimate goal of equipping the students with the need-to-know.

  • Underappreciated instructors

More often than not, teachers get far too much flak from everyone—the students, the parents, the school board, etc.—and not enough credit. They take hits they don’t deserve, as seen in “Funny Teacher Clipart,” and do so, in most cases, for the rest of their lives (see “Retired Teacher Clipart”).

  • Noble professionals

When you’re a teacher, you don’t really get much in the way of compensation and other benefits either. Their only hope is to someday see those who’ve been under their charge become successful and decent human beings. This pretty much explains the quote in “Printable Teacher Clipart.”

Printable Teacher Clipart


Happy Teacher Clipart


Music Teacher Clipart


Retired Teacher Clipart


More for the Extraordinary

Much like these brilliant people, these cool teacher clip arts do more than you may think. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Ready-made greeting card art

So you hear that, say, your English teacher, a veteran, is retiring after forty years of service. Take the time to write out a simple thank-you note and congratulate him or her with a little number like the “Retired Teacher Clipart.” A simple thank-you also doesn’t require some big occasion. You can always pen a short, sweet, heartfelt message on the “Thank You Teacher Clipart” and give it to that certain educator on a regular Tuesday in homeroom perhaps.

  • School projects

A little smattering of the “Happy Teacher Clipart” and/or “Animated Teacher Clipart” in your PowerPoint presentation or written report couldn’t hurt.

  • Scrapbooking material

Imagine all these cool teacher clip arts in sticker and cutout forms. Throw in a bunch of Book Cliparts into the mix, and you’re ready to add a “School Life” segment in your scrapbook or journal (juicy bits off gossip to be included later).


Now that the spiel’s done, you can get right to the fun part. You can now click on those links and download in peace! Can I get a “Yes, ma’am”?

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