History and the multitudes of artists—both contemporary and of days past—have given us all wonderful masterpieces to appreciate and (if you have the dinero) add to our personal collection. However, said appreciation just isn’t the same in all forms of art. Say with silhouettes, for example. No other art form plays around with negative space and positive space with a minimalist take better than silhouettes.

See for yourself how all that plays out in this collection of 8+ beautiful mountain silhouettes. These Free Silhouette Designs of mountains come in JPG, PNG, AI Illustrator, Vector EPS, Photoshop PSD, etc. formats—a treat for those of you with a variety of design needs!

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Mountain Vector Silhouettes


Mountain Clip Art Silhouette


Mountaineer Landscape Silhouette


Free Mountain Silhouettes


Free Mountain Silhouette


Mountain Silhouettes 3 Ways

With something like silhouettes, which involve some limitations here and there (as regards the depiction of the subject matter, anyway), you might think that there’s not much for you in this collection of mountain silhouettes. But stick around for a bit longer and browse some more as I talk you through the several variations in design here available just for you.

  • Marvelously Minimalist

Capturing the heart of how silhouettes ought to be are the following: “Mountain Vector Silhouettes,” “Mountain Clip Art Silhouette,” and “Free Mountain Silhouettes.” Just as expected, these mountain silhouettes don’t rely on the teeny tiny details that would have been included had they been realistic pieces. And of course, there’s absolutely nothing “mini” about the quality of these mountain silhouettes.

  • Lovely Layers

You know how in landscapes there’s the foreground, the middle ground, and the background? With the proper execution of those three, you can create more space than what your 8″ x 13″ bond paper can afford. See how different toned silhouettes stack up in the following mountain silhouettes: “Mountaineer Landscape Silhouette,” “Mountain and Tree Silhouette,” and “Sunset Mountain Silhouette.”

  • Picturesque Background

As you can see in “Free Mountain Silhouette,” “Mountain Silhouette Design,” and “Simple Mountain Silhouette,” silhouettes are perfect for when you want the backdrop to be the star of the image.

Mountain Silhouette Design

Mountain and Tree Silhouette


Simple Mountain Silhouette

The Deal with Mountain Silhouettes

You may not have noticed this from the get-go, but when you really think about it, these mountain silhouettes are actually quite versatile. And, to show you that this is not just a crock of hooey, below is a list of suggestions on how you can use these mountain silhouettes.

  • Mountain Silhouette Vectors

Working as a graphic designer or illustrator, sometimes you’re just swimming in your workload and you can’t catch a break with the number of projects you have to get done. There’s no question that you wanna produce stellar-quality outputs, but you could definitely do with a bit of help. With these mountain silhouette vectors, you can take care of those projects and save some time, energy, and yourself from an impending breakdown.

  • Logo Design Inspiration

Have a logo design project for a mountain excursion or retreat camp of sorts? “Free Mountain Silhouettes” alone has quite a hefty collection of minis that you can work from.

  • Photography Ideas

A silhouette is also great for when you want to try something a bit more artsy-fartsy. With your own take on “Simple Mountain Silhouette” and a Tumblr-iffic caption about light and dark or the shadows in your life, it can ace your social media feeds (via the number of likes because that’s what really matters).


Now that I’m through with that spiel, go ahead and download these mountain silhouettes to your heart’s content!

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