Barbie, Barbie, Barbie. The only inanimate object to have ever been considered as the epitome, the ultimate standard, of beauty. Say what you will about her (it), but she (again, it) has lived a life more glamorous than you and I combined probably ever will.

But enough about how much we love to hate her (I’m not interrupting anymore).

Barbie is reminiscent of a time when kids actually played. Whether that meant teatime with dolls, running around outside with friends, building forts with siblings, etcetera, etcetera.

All this talk about that era sure does make you miss it, huh?

Well, these Free Printable Coloring Pages may just bring you back!

Barbie Princess Coloring Page


Printable Barbie Coloring Page


Free Barbie Coloring Page


Barbie Christmas Coloring Page


Barbie Mermaid Coloring Page


Bringing Barbie Back

In the past year, Barbie has regained attention since Mattel’s launching of the new variants: curvy, petite, and tall. This makeover was brought about by the drop in Barbie doll sales for the past two years, a change that welcome yet “ridiculously late in its thinking” according to a psychology professor (The Guardian).

But all the contra-feminist notions surrounding this well-known, iconic doll aside, no one can deny that children all over the world had good memories with their Barbies. Kids today, with technology advancing at such unprecedented rates, don’t know much about all the glamor and fun that came with a Barbie doll. And with Barbie gaining some following again, what better time than now to introduce her to the little ones? (They really ought to have no business with an iPhone and/or an Instagram account. Just saying.)

These fun coloring pages are free downloadable printables and perfect for your little girl’s first step into the wonderful world of Barbie. (For other options, you can check out Coloring Pages for Girls and/or Disney Coloring Pages.) All you have to do is follow these three easy steps:

  • Choose any oneor allof them.
  • Click on the download button.
  • Print them out.
  • Find out how many shades of pink you can cram into a single picture.

Barbie Cartoon Coloring Page


Barbie Wedding Coloring Page


When in Barbie’s World

Coloring isn’t just for child’s play or some kindergartner’s pastime anymore, nuh-uh. (Not sure if you know this, but there are adult coloring books now.) These free printables can be used as a means of escape from the mundaneness of every day.

In our collection of beautiful and undeniably nostalgic Barbie coloring pages, you can bet your glittery pink heart that there’s something for you!

  • Fantasy Barbie. Whether Barbie’s drawn as a fairy or a girlier, sparklier Disney princess equivalent, you’ll be sure to have fun bringing her to life with your coloring medium of choice.
  • Everyday Glam Barbie. Both the “Barbie Christmas Coloring Page” and the “Vintage Barbie Coloring Page” depict what may be a slice of Barbie’s day-to-day. Quite normal but still entirely glamorous.
  • Themed Barbie. Just when you think her life isn’t already tons better, she also apparently doubles as a dancer, an equestrian or just someone who takes care of horses, and a superhero.

You can have all that and more with these pages. So download away, and have fun with these free Barbie printables! Oh, and try to stay inside the lines.

(However, if you’re more into humanoid cat creatures, check out these Hello Kitty Coloring Pages.)

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