Is Junior acting up and throwing a fit yet again? Does he need a bit of diversion from whatever it is that’s making him testy or bored? Do you yourself want a bit of a break from the monotony of everyday life?

Well, lucky for you, we might have just what you need! With this collection of 9+ cute dog coloring pages (and maybe a few of these Coloring Pages for Adults as well), you can calm your tantrum-throwing toddler down and dedicate a bit of that downtime to entertain and center yourself. These dog coloring pages come in a variety of designs and are available for download in a JPG format. Browse away and check them out!

Minecraft Dog Coloring Page

Minecraft Dog Coloring Page


Baby Dog Coloring Page

Baby Dog Coloring Page


Dog Coloring Page for Kids

Dog Coloring Page for Kids


Disney Dog Coloring Page

Disney Dog Coloring Page


All Breeds in These Dog Coloring Pages

Like these Owl Coloring Pages, you can see how different illustrators depict man’s best friend in this varied selection of dog coloring pages.

  • Playful pip-squeak

Toy dogs have been popular for their conveniently compact size, playful demeanor, extra fluff, and, well, undeniable cuteness. It’s apparent in the strangely human-like “Baby Dog Coloring Page” (isn’t it weird how it’s easy to find a small dog like this one standing up in that way, like a human being, cute while breeds larger than that doing the exact same thing would be considered creepy?). Similar pooches in this collection would have to be “Cartoon Dog Coloring Page,” “Disney Dog Coloring Page,” “Funny Dog Coloring Page,” and “Simple Dog Coloring Page.”

  • Free interpretation

It goes without saying that the typical dog is a bit more rounded and a lot more on the furry side. However, the artist behind “Minecraft Dog Coloring Page” thought it a brilliant idea to take the form of the dog and recreate it through a different platform.

  • Funny fur baby

Then we have the jewel that is “Police Dog Coloring Page,” wherein the featured pooch just does not seem to be up for whatever he has to take care of. He could be the poster child (dog) for the popular millennial expression “I just can’t.”

Simple Dog Coloring Page

Simple Dog Coloring Page


Police Dog Coloring Page

Police Dog Coloring Page


Realistic Dog Coloring Page

Realistic Dog Coloring Page


What’s up with Dog Coloring Pages?

Dog coloring pages, Abstract Coloring Pages, pretty much all coloring pages in general exist for a number of reasons.

  • Activates both parts of the cerebral hemisphere

The simple activity that is coloring apparently involves the use of both logic and creativity (didn’t anticipate that, did you?). Going to your array of mediums and picking one out for a specific shape, figure, or pattern activates the part of your brain that focuses on logic; whereas, deciding on mixing different mediums and colors to produce the effect and finish you want activates the part of your brain that focuses on creativity.

  • Helps to de-stress

When you color, the focus and attention you normally put into obsessing over daily problems and drama are transferred into the activity itself. In a way, you are meditating, “de-concentrating.” This helps to reduce anxiety and stress.

  • Sparks creativity

Coloring presents the challenge of creating something beautiful out of given tools and materials. In every step, as you progress in your work, you start thinking of more ways to make your output even more beautiful. (Maybe I should add in more blue to tone down the orange?)


So now you have my two cents. I can finally leave you to download in peace.

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