Coloring as an activity has been proven to be an effective mental training activity for kids to focus and develop a creative mind. Get your child engaged in mentally stimulating activities if you want them to be ready for school and the reality. If you still believe in the traditional ways such as coloring to be a good training activity for the kids then read and view our list of beautiful dolphin coloring pages.

Get your kids to try something new like coloring dolphin pages. The files are in JPG and AI Illustrator for easy saving and scaling. You can also join them with this activity by choosing from our Printable Adult Coloring Pages listing.

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Baby Dolphin Coloring Page


Striped Dolphin Coloring Page


Realistic Dolphin Coloring Page


Dolphin Mandala Coloring Page


Free Dolphin Coloring Page


Fresh From the Ocean

Dolphins are known to be very intelligent creatures and seem to be loved by humans. They have a distinct friendly and fun characteristic which makes them adorable. There are a few accounts that dolphins were known to be very helpful to humans especially during rescue missions.

We can all agree that dolphins are irresistibly cute; and it comes as no surprise why people find it suitable to incorporate them in a lot of things e.g. cartoon movies, children’s toys, logos and of course, coloring pages.

  • Closest to a Kid’s heart

Get your kids into coloring with these adorable and cute creatures which you can choose from “Baby Dolphin Coloring Page”, “Dolphin Mermaid Coloring Page”, “Printable Dolphin Coloring Page”, “Cute Dolphin Coloring Page”, and “Dolphin Outline Coloring Page”, and teaching them fun facts about it at the same time.

  • Adult Avenue

Who says this block is only for the young ones? Pick up your preferred coloring materials such as colored pencils for precise coloring action with our “Striped Dolphin Coloring Page”, “Realistic Dolphin Coloring Page”, “Dolphin Mandala Coloring Page”, and “Free Dolphin Coloring Page”.


Do check the Abstract Coloring Pages as well, you will love them too!

Dolphin Mermaid Coloring Page


Cute Dolphin Coloring Page


Dolphin Outline Coloring Page


United Colors

Coloring as a universal activity is no longer a debatable topic. Everyone can do it anytime, anywhere, but on appropriate occasions of course. Coloring is not limited only to crayons, we highly suggest that adults use colored pencils when coloring fine details or areas.

  • For the Little Ones

Kids will surely enjoy this activity. It’s both fun and beneficial. Get them to coloring and minimize their exposure to activities that will not contribute to their development.

  • For the Teachers

If by chance you are an art teacher, you can always give this a chance for the kids to do in class, as it promotes mental focus and creativity.

  • For Adults

It has been long been proven that coloring is one of the activities that can alleviate stress. You don’t have to drown yourself In depression and frustration, let it out or shade the blues away with coloring.


The files on this list are in JPG and AI Illustrator formats, which are common formats compatible for rescaling and printing. If you found this list useful, then there’s no reason to delay. Download your selected coloring page, print it and start the coloring bonanza!

Do check our Coloring Pages for Kids listing for more assortment to choose from.

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