Most boys (whether they are grown or still in their childhood years) are attracted to the adrenaline rush and heart-pumping action that come with sports. Among the more popular sports activities in the world are American football and the other kind of football other parts of the world know as soccer. Since boys like sports, when it comes to coloring pages, we’re certain your little boy would rather color ones with a football than ones featuring Barbie.Grab one  of our easy football coloring pages now and give your little man a different kind of physical activity. If you want to join him in the world of colors, you can also check out our list of Printable Adult Coloring Pages.

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Football Helmet Coloring Page


Football Stadium Coloring Page


Patriots Football Coloring Page


Kids Football Coloring Page

Two Kinds of Football

There are a lot of different factors that could divide the world. It is nonetheless surprising that one of those factors boils down to how one country has chosen to name its game. Let’s have a look at these two activities playing tug of war for the term “football”.

  • Association Football or Soccer

Soccer, as it is known in America, is considered to be the most popular game in the world. It is a contact sport in which two teams of 11 players kick a spherical ball across the field in the hopes of getting it into the opponent’s goal. Players are not allowed to use anything other than their feet or heads. It is characterized by agility and a lot of fancy footwork.

  • American Football

In contrast, American football (some suggest calling it American rugby or hand-egg) is a collision sport played by carrying a spheroid and smashing into enemy players in the attempt to go beyond the opposing team’s touchline. It is marked by hostility and intense physical contact, which necessitates the use of protective gear like helmets and padded uniforms.


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 Football Trophy Coloring Page


Football Emblem Coloring Page


Cartoon Football Coloring Page


Football Team Coloring Page


Football Coloring Pages for All

Because we know that the fan of one is most likely not a fan of the other, we have included pages for both sports in our collection so you can choose which would be best suited for your kids.

As an added bonus, even if your child does not know yet how to play either one of the games, you can still help him improve his motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination by allowing him to color.

What to Do After You’re Done Coloring

  • Display

Make your children feel good about themselves, by using their creative outputs as a decoration around the house. Hang them on your walls, stick them on the door of the fridge. You can even switch them with their latest handiwork.

  • Personalized Gift Wrap

Help mother nature by recycling these pages. Instead of buying wrappers from any old store, use the finished coloring pages to wrap presents in.

  • Accents

You can also cut the shapes in these pages out to put a personal touch on your kids’ items. Stick them onto notebooks and pencil cases.


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