Being a busy parent, it’s practically an impossible feat to have to tend to every single chore and your little monster as he runs around the kitchen, screaming for your attention and yelling out how you have to buy him the latest Nerf gun because it’s “the bestest toy EVER.” By the looks of that, you’re probably gonna need some crafty distractions so that you can have a few minutes to yourself to get it together.

Lucky for you, we just might have what you need in this collection of 9+ tiger coloring pages! These Free Coloring Pages For Kids are available in a JPG format, perfect for download!

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Baby Tiger Coloring Page


Realistic Tiger Coloring Page


Cartoon Tiger Coloring Page


Free Tiger Coloring Page


Different Kinds of Tiger Coloring Pages

It’s evident here that this collection of Free Printable Coloring Pages come with an assortment of designs for each of the featured printables. Check out which ones are worthy of your kid’s time and Crayola set!

  • Cute and Cartoony

This magnificent feline has gotten quite a bad rep for being a predator alone. But perhaps with the adorable “Baby Tiger Coloring Page” and “Cartoon Tiger Coloring Page,” you can dispel that fear in your little cub and let him have fun to boot!

  • Up Close and Personal

“Tiger Face Coloring Page” shows a bold and drawn version of a closeup of a tiger. Getting your little one to color in this tiger printable could help him be more keen to detail.

  • Really Realistic

I’ll just leave “Realistic Tiger Coloring Page” and “Tiger Coloring Page for Adults” here.

  • Bold Outlines

Bold outlines are great for teaching your kids about boundaries as the lines are obviously very clear. Also, illustrations with bold outlines just look prettier somehow. Check out “Free Tiger Coloring Page,” “Printable Tiger Coloring Page,” and “Tiger Animal Coloring Page” to see for yourself.

  • Fine and Faint

Have a look-see at “Tiger Cub Coloring Page.” Pretty self-explanatory.

Roaring Tiger Coloring Page


Tiger Animal Coloring Page


Tiger Cub Coloring Page


Tiger Coloring Page for Adults


The Deal with These Tiger Coloring Pages

Aside from the fun that your mini me is gonna have with these tiger coloring pages (here are some Free Coloring Pages for Adults for your own fun time), there’s really more to them and coloring pages in general.

  • It activates both hemispheres of the brain.

When you color, you begin by picking out colors for specific areas of the page. This activates the part of the brain that deals with the logical stuff. Then you get to the fun part of mixing and blending colors together. This in turn activates the part of the brain that deals with the creative stuff.

  • It stimulates artistic improvement.

Of course, everyone who’s had to go through several leaves of coloring printables have gotten to that point where they thought, Hmmm…what if I try smudging the yellow into the orange this time? This period of experimentation helps in developing your and your little one’s artistic ability.

  • It provides an opportunity for quality time.

Why not try to join your kids for a coloring session? And while you’re at it, talk to them about their day, which part of school they look forward to, what kids of food gross them out, and all that good stuff.


So now that both your options and the benefits are covered, go right ahead and download!

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