Looking for a fun new way to while away your Saturday afternoons with your little munchkin? Do you also want it to be educational and not just something that’s made strictly for entertainment purposes? We get it. A lot of the cartoons these days are more amped up with violence, slapstick, and mature references; and those aren’t the kind of viewing material that your kids ought to be…er…viewing.

Well, you just might find what you’re looking for in this collection of the 12+ best horse coloring pages (Coloring Pages for Adults for you, Mommy)! These horse printables are available for JPG download, so stick around to see which ones you should.

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Printable Horse Coloring Page


Horse Face Coloring Page


Rearing Horse Coloring Page


Baby Horse Coloring Page


Running Horse Coloring Page


Jumping Horse Coloring Page


Horse Coloring Pages 5 Ways

It’s pretty obvious in this collection of horse coloring pages that the printables cover quite a range of designs an art styles. You know, despite the subject matter being limited to horses. (Oh, by the way, here are some Abstract Coloring Pages to sate your artsy-fartsy indulgences.)

  • Fine vs. Bold Outlines

Bold or fine? That is always the question. But lucky for you, whatever you preference is, both are available to you here. You can choose between “Printable Horse Coloring Page” and “Baby Horse Coloring Page,” or “Rearing Horse Coloring Page” and “Jumping Horse Coloring Page.”

  • Up Close and Personal

Get to know this majestic beast even more and from a different perspective as you color in “Horse Face Coloring Page.”

  • Almost as Good as the Real Thing

Though still quite cartoony given the distinct, bold outline, “Realistic Horse Coloring Page” looks more like a realistic sketch given the amount of detail put into it.

  • Abstract and Deconstructed

Who would have thought to produce a depiction of this gentle creature using seemingly random shapes? You get this quirky number in “Horse Coloring Page for Adults.”

  • Cute and Cartoony

“Big Horse Coloring Page,” on the other hand, is created in such a way that the horse has some personality and character.

Free Horse Coloring Page


Realistic Horse Coloring Page


Horse Coloring Page for Free


Wild Horse Coloring Page


Horse Coloring Page for Adults


Big Horse Coloring Page


Simple Horse Coloring Page


The Thing About Horse Coloring Pages

Perhaps at this juncture, you’re still on the more skeptical side and thinking in the back of your mind something like, How exactly can these Free Printable Coloring Pages of horse be useful to me? Pull up a chair, and read through the list below.

  • It lets your child channel his energy into something creative.

Rather than spending all that time over something unproductive like endless rounds of hide-and-go-seek, you can replace that with a little arts-and-crafts time. Just think about this: our kid will still have fun, but he’ll be learning (you both might not even know it) as he vigorously rubs a blue crayon against a page.

  • It is a great avenue for learning.

If your kid still has yet to cover his list of animals, why not start with horses? Or better yet, you can include these horse coloring pages in your animal coloring page compilation. (You can also include some philosophical lesson about knowing your boundaries by telling him to color within the lines.)

  • It provides you with an opportunity to bond.

Grab a page and share crayons and secrets. There is no better way to get to know your little human.


So yeah, don’t forget to download!

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