When we hear the word “Coloring” the most common thing that crosses one’s mind is it’s for kids, duh. That may be true–once. If you haven’t heard of adult coloring, then you must be living under a rock. Coloring at this day and age is not just an activity that only kids can do, but adults can be involved in them as well. So, if by chance you’re into coloring, then this article containing a list of Cute Bunny Coloring Pages will serve your hobby pretty well!

Our list of coloring pages is in JPG format for easy saving, scaling, and editing. If you’re specifically looking for coloring pages you can have your kids try them first before investing in more, you can give our Free Coloring Pages for Kids listing a try.

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Realistic Bunny Coloring Page


Bunny Face Coloring Page


Baby Bunny Coloring Page


Kids and Kids at heart

Our list shows you a variety of coloring pages that are less intimidating for kids; pushes adult creativity, and one that can well be done together (parent-child).

  • Less Intimidating for the Kids

Most of the parents I know have introduced coloring materials to their kids but sometimes the kid neglects or ignores them. This causes some parents confusion. They start to think that it might not be the perfect educational activity for their kid. Have you considered thinking that the coloring pages may seem intimidating to your kids or too boring? If so, then try to introduce them to much simpler coloring pages such as our “Easter Bunny Coloring Page”, “Bunny Face Coloring Page”, “Baby Bunny Coloring Page”, “Bunny Rabbit Coloring Page”, and “Cute Bunny Coloring Page”.

  • Test Your Adult Skills

Some adults are fond of cute animal creatures such as bunnies. Don’t think of these as something that’s less challenging because you can always put some twist using your creativity with our “Bunny Outline Coloring Page” and observe proper shading with “Realistic Bunny Coloring Page”, “Bunny Rabbit Coloring Page”, and “Cute Bunny Coloring Page.

Consider this Free Printable Coloring Pages as a bonus for you to practice on first.

Bunny Mask Coloring Page



Cute Bunny Coloring page


Printable Bunny Coloring Page


Free Bunny Coloring Page


Keep the Calm and Color On

  • Note to Parents 

Make your kid outstanding in class by training them earlier. Before they hit the textbooks and lessons discussed by their teacher, submerge them into activities that will promote focus. Take advantage of this age, while their learning capability is still like a sponge. Focus is something that is sometimes lacking nowadays and we can trace this back to one’s childhood. How were they trained by their parents at home?

  • Coping Resources

One of the common news we hear every day is about some people doing crazy things out of depression and frustration. In psychology, these out-of-the-boundary behavior is caused by lack of coping resources. At some point, we need a way to vent out what we feel before it intensifies. It is toxic and harmful to keep all these negative emotions and thoughts to keep inside as we know very well where it could end. So, coloring is one of the most zen coping activity you can consider. Vent out your emotion or stresses with your strokes. It is proven to be helpful in soothing intense emotions and alleviates stress.


So, grab this chance of downloading these cool offers and color those blues away! For a more girly theme, you can check out our Coloring Pages for Girls listing.

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