Every now and then, an artist has to have a refresher course of sorts to flex his illustrator’s muscles, to maintain and/or improve the dexterity of the hand, and to keep the craft exciting for him. So a good freehand sketching session is in order. Of course, you’d need a simple yet somehow also challenging subject, right?

Perhaps this collection of 11+ easy horse drawings is just the thing you need! Break the monotony and gain some inspiration by trying your hand at some Pencil Drawings with the many designs and styles featured here, all of which are available for JPG download.

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Horse Face Drawing


Horse Line Drawing

Running Horse Drawing


Rearing Horse Drawing


Standing Horse Drawing


Horse Black and White Drawing

Different Kinds of Horse Drawings

Far be these horse drawings from mere Cartoon Drawings or Cute Drawings, but they are similar to the two mentioned in so far as variety is concerned. As you can see in this collection of horse sketches, there’s an assortment of designs and styles—even the way the gentle creature is positioned is different in every image!

  • Bold Outlines

When you come across the word outline in the context of art, you might think, Too bland, too plain, too boring. I admit that that’s often true. However, you need to consider the shape and form of the subject matter here. That is a challenge in itself! Also, if you can style it up as in “Horse Line Drawing” and “Horse Black and White Drawing,” you just might change your mind.

  • Fine Outlines

As for this section, the same points in the above bullet apply. But let me just leave the following here: “Rearing Horse Drawing,” “Standing Horse Drawing,” “Horse Cartoon Drawing,” “Grazing Horse Drawing,” and “Horse Outline Drawing.”

  • Rough, Realistic Sketches

Realistic or rough sketches are already difficult enough, but when you have to make realistic or rough horse sketches, that’s a whole ‘nother ball game. In this collection of horse drawings, you get “Horse Face Drawing,” “Running Horse Drawing,” “Horse Bucking Drawing,” “Horse Eye Drawing,” and “Horse Jumping Drawing.”

Horse Cartoon Drawing


Grazing Horse Drawing


Horse Jumping Drawing

Horse Outline Drawing


How-To’s with These Horse Drawings

While this collection of Horse Drawings may not have much else to offer as far as subject matter is concerned (they’re all obviously horse drawings, like the title says), these horse sketches are definitely more than just a handful of doodles. In fact, you can use them in a number of different ways!

  • Drawing Practice

To start out, you’d need to get that stroke and flow required to get the form of the horse right. Just download one of these horse drawings, say, “Rearing Horse Drawing,” print it out, lay some tracing paper on top of it, and then get to tracing! When you’re a bit more confident, you can even doctor the original design—maybe change up the horse’s position.

  • Instant Coloring Page

For this one, it’s pretty simple: download any one of the horse outlines (I suggest “Horse Outline Drawing”), print it out, and then get busy with your crayons and pastels.

  • Display photo

For one that you plan on using as a featured image or something to hang on your bedroom wall, opt for something dramatic, like, “Running Horse Drawing.”

  • Design Inspiration

You can use “Horse Black and White Drawing” as a logo inspiration for, say, a car brand. (Work horsepower into the tagline.)


There you have it! Now you can check the links and download!

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