Every now and then, an artist has to flex his illustrator’s muscles to maintain and/or improve the dexterity of the hand (quite a necessity, the hand) and to keep things fresh and interesting. And while several experienced artists have more or less found their style and their voice, it still wouldn’t hurt to add to your repertoire, right?

Then maybe this collection of 9+ great creepy drawings (save the Funny Drawings for later) is just the thing you need for your freehand sketching session! There’s no doubt that you can break the monotony by stepping into the world of ghouls and gore and trying your hand at the many designs and styles featured here, all of which are available for JPG download.

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Creepy Kid Drawing


Creepy Girl Drawing


Creepy Tree Drawing


Different Horrors in Creepy Drawings

As you can see in our collection of creepy drawings, these are not just a handful of Pencil Drawings of floating white sheets of linen or a pair of glowing yellow eyes. There’s quite a range of designs drawn in various art styles, each from a unique artist aiming to give you your fill of the heebie-jeebies. The more notable ones are the following:

  • Everything anime and anime-esque

The rough sketch that is “Creepy Girl Drawing” lays its creep factor in the uneven eyes (one dilated, the other not) and what I assume to be a lifeless cat in the subject’s clutches. In “Creepy Halloween Drawing” and “Creepy Anime Drawing,” both subjects have the same dark-lidded eyes that seem to be looking at you with some insidious intent. The former, however, ups the ante with blood splatters; the latter, with a dark, gloomy vignette.

  • Sinister scenery

I don’t know about you, but somehow crooked aged trees, such as the ones featured in “Creepy Tree Drawing,” just make me uneasy and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up on end. Old and abandoned houses with the aforementioned trees in the yard like in “Creepy House Drawing” do the same thing.

  • Realistic and spine tingling

“Creepy Eye Drawing” and “Creepy Clown Drawing” undeniably have the creep levels up there, but you gotta admit that the sketch quality is amazing!

Creepy Pencil Drawing


Creepy Cartoon Drawing


Creepy Anime Drawing


How-To’s with These Creepy Drawings

Unlike these Skull Drawings, these creepy drawings offer a wide range of designs; and as you see here, the quality of each creepy sketch is definitely up there as well. And perhaps, at this point, you may have been inspired and thought of plenty various ways to make use of these sketches. Just to drive this point home, let me enumerate some of those ways:

  • Halloween costume and decor ideas

Don’t know what to be for Halloween or your upcoming horror-themed party? You may wanna check out “Creepy Girl Drawing,” “Creepy Halloween Drawing,” “Creepy Pencil Drawing,” “Creepy Clown Drawing,” and “Creepy Anime Drawing.” Also, “Creepy House Drawing” makes for a good set design inspiration.

  • Art inspiration

As I said earlier, it would be cool to add to your artistic repertoire by delving into the bloody and the paranormal. Take some inspiration from “Creepy Kid Drawing.” Note how the exaggerations around the eyes, the toothpick-slim neck, and the unkempt hair add to the creepy factor.

  • Jump scare photos . . . just for kicks

Maybe dress up “Creepy Clown Drawing” with more blood. Then send it to your friends via chat. See who flips out. Ha-ha!


So yeah, check out the links!

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