Every once in a while in an artist’s life, there is the need to stretch the illustrator muscles just to maintain that fluidity of the hand, that dexterity and to keep things fresh and interesting. Because as with everything else in life, it’s easy to get weighed down by the routine, and even art—of all things—gets a little tedious.

Well, perhaps this collection of 9+ beautiful snowflake drawings is just what you need for your personal freehand sketching session! Whether or not you’re into Cute Drawings, there’s something for you in these snowflake sketches. You can break the monotony by trying your hand at the many designs and styles featured here. So stay awhile and keep browsing!

Snowflake Line Drawing


Snowflake Pencil Drawing


Snowflake Vector Drawing

Snowflake Cartoon Drawing


Snowflake Drawings, Each One Different

Yes, this collection of snowflake drawings doesn’t have much else to offer as far as subject matter is concerned (Duh, they’re all obviously snowflake drawings, just as the title says), these snowflake sketches are definitely more than a couple of Pencil Drawings. They still do offer quite a variety of options for you to choose from; they come in different styles, use different mediums, and are illustrated from different perspectives by different artists.

  • Cool outlines

Usually outlines look flat and . . . not much else, really. But somehow, the artist of “Snowflake Line Drawing” managed to make it look like the beautiful and unique ice crystal that snowflakes truly are. You also have this cool (see what I did there?) 3D-esque take in “Snowflake Pencil Drawing,” which looks like the style of sketch that appears on the cover art of YA books with the whole “slice of life” plot. And of course, how do you make your snowflakes look icy? Take it from “Christmas Snowflake Drawing,” and use an ice-blue marker!

  • Interesting spin

Since the emergence of the mandala pattern in adult coloring books and pretty much everywhere else, sketches have been taken to whole ‘nother level, and “Abstract Snowflake Drawing” is no exception. The use of a crisscross pattern in “Blue Snowflake Drawing” gives the snowflake sketch a quirky look.

  • Honorable mentions

I’ll just leave “Snowflake Vector Drawing” here.

Snowflake Outline Drawing


Abstract Snowflake Drawing


Blue Snowflake Drawing


Colored Snowflake Drawing


Christmas Snowflake Drawing


How-To’s with These Snowflake Drawings

Perhaps you still find even the few 3D Pencil Drawings here a bit on the bland, uninteresting side. But c’mon, humor me. Stick around for a while, and let me tell you about the following:

  • Art inspiration

Going off from what I said earlier, sometimes you have to really break the monotony, and a sure way to do that is to find inspiration. You can use these snowflake drawings as a guide, some reference material to get you into the swing of sketching. Let these snowflake sketches inspire you; take what you can, and start experimenting. Say, if you haven’t been all too comfortable with color, check out “Colored Snowflake Drawing,” and see how you can incorporate the right hues to something that’s typically monochromatic.

  • Design ideas

If you’re looking to design baubles or Christmas decor, perhaps you can glean some inspiration from “Snowflake Vector Drawing.”

  • Ready-made coloring page

Bring out your crayons, color pencils and markers, oil pastels, what have you; and have at it with something like “Abstract Snowflake Drawing.”


You absolutely won’t regret downloading these snowflake drawings (as reference material or whatever else), so don’t forget to check out the links before you close this tab or window!


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