Sometimes, we all need a little breather from the dull and drab goings-on of everyday life. For some people, it could be a weekend-long vacation, a road trip to the south side for a little bit of sun and fun. For others, it could be poetry slam or indie folk open mic night at their local coffee shop. But if you have neither the budget nor the talent (that was harsh, I’m sorry), then maybe a mini doodle fest might be what you need.

If you wanna veer off from the same old Cute Drawings you’d been making since forever, check out this collection of easy anchor drawings for something new! There’s a number of various designs here, and they’re all available for JPG download!

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Anchor Tattoo Drawing


Anchor Drawing with Rose


Vintage Anchor Drawing

Anchor Drawing with Octopus


Pencil Drawing of Anchor


Different Depictions in Anchor Drawings

While you may find some of these as nothing more than a handful of Pencil Drawings and Cartoon Drawings, you can’t deny that there are a few rather impressive ones as well. So before you completely dismiss them and think them useless, you might wanna stick around awhile and continue browsing to see what we have to offer in this collection of anchor drawings.

  • Simple Outline

It’s the same for everyone, I think: when you draw pretty much anything, the go-to is an outline. Really, it doesn’t get any simpler than “Anchor Line Drawing,” with the “Ship Anchor Drawing” being a notch higher as regards the complexity of the sketch.

  • Hook, Line, and Sinker . . . Literally

When one thinks of an anchor, what pops up in the old brain of the average human is a giant iron thingamajig and some fancy, extra-strength rope. And no surprise, there are quite a few roped giant ironthingamajigs in this collection of anchor drawings. A few of them being “Vintage Anchor Drawing,” “Easy Anchor Drawing,” and “Anchor and Flower Drawing.”

  • Whale of a Tale

Of course, how can you forget about some of the sinister lurkers of the deep, blue sea? “Anchor Drawing with Octopus” and “Pencil Drawing of Anchor” show just a couple of the said lurkers.

Anchor Line Drawing


Ship Anchor Drawing


Easy Anchor Drawing


Anchor and Flower Drawing


How-To’s with These Anchor Drawings

Perhaps, even at this juncture, these anchor sketches may seem like just a bunch of Funny Drawings to you, some sheets of doodles to scoff at. But before you close that tab or window, humor me and let me tell you about the ways you can use these anchor drawings.

  • Design ideas

If you’re looking to get inked with a nautical theme, you might wanna consider “Anchor Tattoo Drawing.” If a totally unique wallpaper concept design is what you’re after, check out “Anchor and Flower Drawing.” You may wanna have an illustrator friend reproduce a vector version of it though so that you can make stencils out of it; then afterward, some spray paint is all you’ll need!

  • Instant coloring page

For this part, it’s pretty straightforward. You just need some coloring materials and printouts of the following: “Anchor Drawing with Rose,” “Vintage Anchor Drawing,” “Anchor Drawing with Octopus,” “Anchor Line Drawing,” and “Easy Anchor Drawing.”

  • Arts and crafts material

With “Anchor Line Drawing,” you pretty much have an anchor cutout for scrapbooking or an insta-stencil.


So now that, that’s over with, I’m gonna leave you to check out the links and download. Because you will.

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