When it comes to your spouse or your significant other, putting in a little thought and effort into your presents and your relationship in general is always a good idea (in some cases, maybe it’s even required). If you plan on giving your loved one a card or a few love notes with Cute Drawings just for the heck of it, kudos to you! However, you may need a few ideas and some brushing up on your drawing skills.

With this collection of 10+ beautiful love drawings, you have the reference material you need for you to (continue to) woo your lover. These love sketches come in a number of different designs and are available for JPG download. Go ahead and check them out!

Anime Love Drawing


Sad Love Drawing


Love Pencil Drawing


Cartoon Love Drawing


Emo Love Drawing


Love Heart Drawing

The Many Kinds of Love Drawings

Love DrawingsAnime Drawings . . . whatever you prefer with your sketches, it won’t matter so much as long as they’re for the purpose of making your beloved smile. (Definitely perpetuates the “It’s the thought that counts” belief in everyone but, of course, in better taste and for a good reason.) And as you’re smiling in your seat there, looking at the love drawings in this collection, I know that you’ve already noticed that these love sketches come with an assortment of art styles and designs.

  • Staple sweet sketches

Of course, you have the classic Disney cartoons coupling up in “Disney Love Drawing” (it could do without the sad text, yes) and in “Mickey Mouse Love Drawing.” Then you have “Waterfall Love Drawing” and “Animal Love Drawing,” the latter proving that love exists among non-humans as well.

  • Anime-ted anime-tions

In keeping with the cartoon trend, you also get a few with a more oriental (Japanese, specifically) spin in “Anime Love Drawing,” “Love Pencil Drawing,” “Cartoon Love Drawing,” and “Emo Love Drawing.”

  • Symbolism

I think it’s safe to say that there’s no better symbol for love than the heart. This collection of love drawings features a simple one with a red outline in “Love Heart Drawing.”

  • Graffiti

And for the unconventional girl, take it from “Love Graffiti Drawing,” and try your hand at an unconventional form of art.

Disney Love Drawing


Mickey Mouse Love Drawing


Animal Love Drawing


Love Graffiti Drawing


Waterfall Love Drawing


How-To’s with These Love Drawings

A few of you craftier bugs out there may have already thought of more ways to use these love sketches. But for those of you who haven’t, here are some suggestions:

  • Art inspiration and ideas

Like I said earlier, to have some material you can go back to as your reference, especially when you’re still starting out. It’s best to have an image ready so that you know the direction you ought to take with your own work. You can begin with something like “Cartoon Love Drawing,” but instead of the seemingly annoyed expression and the bad boy garb on the guy, you may opt for a smitten bearded man in a hoodie and two-year-old jeans.

  • Ready-made greeting card art

Forget all those glossy mass-produced cards you see filling a couple of aisles in your nearest Walgreens. Skip the trip to the store entirely, and opt for “Animal Love Drawing” instead. You can even add in a punny line like “We are PURRfect for each other!”

  • Display photo

I don’t know about you, but I think “Love Pencil Drawing” makes for a great cover photo.


Now you just download, add some Rose Drawings, and you’re done.

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